The new updated PS5 model has a completely redesigned interior design

The latest facelifted PS5 model has a “strikingly different” interior, according to a new video showing it off (via VGC ).

YouTuber Austin Evans has acquired the new CFI-1200 model of the PlayStation 5, which quietly went on sale in Australia at the end of August.

Last year, Evans did the same with the then-new CFI-1100 model, sparking controversy after claiming that its smaller heatsink made it an “inferior” console (a theory later refuted by Digital Foundry, who concluded that it was no better or worse than the release model).

This time, however, Evans thinks the CFI-1200 is a better system, due to the many changes made to the console’s internal components.

PS5 new domestic model
Right: launch model (CFI-1000). In the middle is a new model (CFI-1200). On the left, the intermediate model (CFI-1100).

Evans notes that the new model has a “completely different” motherboard that’s noticeably smaller than previous models.

The new model’s heatsink is even smaller than the CFI-1100 model, but includes a heat pipe that runs to the other side of the system, and Evans also noted that the SSD case now has “better” shielding.

The new motherboard and heatsink combined result in a weight reduction of even more than 0.2kg, but the black plastic shape of the console has added extra support, which makes the weight a bit higher.

Evans also claims that the new model is more energy efficient, noting that in a test where all three test consoles played Astro’s Game RoomThe launch model PS5 drew around 218 watts of power, last year’s CFI-1100 model drew 229 watts, and the new CFI-1200 only drew 201 watts.

The review is not entirely positive, however. Evans also notes that they’ve moved basically every component, including the CMOS battery, which is now completely covered by the heatsink. He explains: “Before, you could easily replace if needed, but now you have to completely disassemble your PS5, which is definitely a disadvantage.”

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