The new trailer for Tekken 8 shows a battle between Kazuya and Jin

The text below was published on the Brazilian PlayStation.Blog.

hey This is Harada, the main producer of the Tekken project. We’ve been waiting a long time, but now we can finally announce that Tekken 8 is live. Have you seen the first trailer?

This trailer is taken directly from a portion of Tekken 8’s still-in-development story mode on PlayStation 5. In other words, all character models, backgrounds and effects are the same as those used in the game. Although shot in story mode, it’s not a pre-shot scene created for a trailer, but a real-time video that runs at 60 frames per second, just like you’ll see in the game’s battle modes. (Of course, some effects, dialogue, and camera angles will be updated and may be different when the game launches.)

The Tekken franchise has always been known for its dramatic story mode pre-rendered scenes. But aside from that, we have a lot of exciting Tekken 8 content to show off. However, in our first announcement, we wanted to focus on content that showcases the visual quality of this game on PS5.

In the trailer, you can see that quality in the new playable character models, which are completely different from Tekken 7, and in small details like water droplets sliding across the skin. It’s not just made for a trailer. It’s a real-time rendering of what’s happening in the game.

And if you pay attention to the background during the battle, you will see dynamic waves and tornadoes, a huge ship slowly disintegrates, and the storm is so realistic that you can feel the pressure of the wind and the density of the rain.

These are all the effects that will be used during battle in this game. We are certainly trying to increase the quality even further. In the latest version of the building, which is still under development, the quality is dynamically improving every day. A giant ship approaches the beach in the background and huge flames erupt where the character is. We hope you are excited to see this game!

The Tekken franchise also holds the record for longest running video game history. As mentioned in the final dialogue of Tekken 7, this new title will focus on the final battle between father and son, Kazuya Mishima and Jin Kazama. As for the significance of the scene in the trailer and its significance to the main story… we can’t wait for the game to start.

Well, it’s still under development, so unfortunately you’ll have to wait a while.

The entire development team is working hard to make it worth the wait. We are very grateful for your support.

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