The new parable is developing well and does not cause internal concerns, Microsoft says

According to the head of Xbox Game Studios, Playground Games proved it was the right choice for the title

Officially announced in June 2020, A reboot of the fabulous series Since then, he hasn’t revealed many details apart from the first official teaser. After it was reported that the game suffered some problems during the initial development process, Microsoft has confirmed once again that it is making good progress and does not cause concern.

In an interview with Skill Up’s Friends Per Second podcast, Xbox Game Studios head Matt Booty said: Praise the high quality work done by Playground Games studio. He said that while the developer specializes in racing games, he understands the “heart and soul” of Fable and wants to update the series in line with the sensibilities and expectations of modern gaming.

There are things that I would like to share and show because some of them are very encouraging.Buti explained. He also explained that while the first demo of the game raised some doubts, The developer quickly demonstrated that it was the right choice for the project.

New Fable has to rely on the help of Eidos Montréal

In some of the early reviews, I shared a bit of skepticism that, hey, I felt like we were taking a bit of a risk here, but they’ve since dropped that feeling. Excited to see everyone“, Continued executive responsibility for leading Xbox Studios.

In September of this year, St. Booty took a similar stance in an interview with IGN.. At the time, he said that while he was pretty optimistic about the new Fable, Playground Games preferred to only share more about the game when it was closer to hitting stores.

Last week, Jason Schreier, a reporter for Bloomberg, revealed this Playground Games will enlist the help of members of Eidos Montréal to develop an action RPG. While it’s confirmed for Xbox Series X|S and PC, the game still doesn’t have a release date forecast and no actual gameplay footage revealed so far.

Xbox wanted to show more of Fable, but Playground Games would rather wait

Xbox wanted to show more Fable, but Playground Games would rather wait
The developer is withholding news about the game, but assures that its development is going well


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