The new Game Pass Family plan lets you share your subscription with friends

The company’s new branding indicates that it won’t be too restrictive on its new subscription option.

Already in testing phase in Colombia and Ireland, the new Game Pass family plan should be available More comprehensive features than similar offerings from other subscription systems. An image taken from the back of Xbox systems reveals that Microsoft will do just that Officially working with the brand “Xbox Game Pass: Friends and Family”. When the new variant officially debuts.

Nomenclature is important because it implies this The company has no plans to limit the subscription plan to people who share the same console or PC. The decision should also simplify the process of setting up the service, as it does not consider registering friends or contacts as members of your family, which can cause headaches in the future.

The expectation is that the new Game Pass plan will allow Up to 5 people can share features such as access to an extensive catalog of gameswhile streaming Xbox Cloud Gaming and titles EA Play. Microsoft is still testing how much it will charge for the new option, which is in testing limited to those with The final version of Game Pass, which costs R$ 44.99 per month in Brazil.

The new plan will work in the same country

In the testing phase of the new family variant, Microsoft doesn’t operate with very strict restrictions on who can share accounts. According to the company, participants only need to be in the same country and, if invited, must suspend any active Game Pass subscriptions to participate in the plan.

While companies like Nintendo already offer family plans that can be shared by people anywhere in the world, The same does not apply to all subscription systems. Companies like Spotify limit account sharing to well-defined geographic areas, while Netflix already works across the board. Prevent people who live in different places from sharing their accounts.

So far, Microsoft has not commented on the leaked brand, nor has it given an estimate for when the new variant will debut. Despite this, Movements behind the scenes indicate that this should happen soonGives Xbox and PC owners an even more affordable way to access Game Pass.

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