The new EA app is available now and will replace Origin

After more than a decade of existence, the Origin platform from Electronic Arts will soon be discontinued. The company has officially launched the EA app, which will replace the publisher’s current PC gaming app.


In a post on its official blog, EA revealed more information about the new app, and the company says the EA App will be its “fastest and lightest” app to date. The company also said it would be a “more reliable and streamlined” gaming experience.

The publisher explains that beta testing the app helped create the app that was the best place for users to play library games. In the EA app, players will be able to play while background updates and automatic downloads occur.

Image: Reproduction/Electronic Arts

This will make the transition from Origin to the EA app and players will receive an invitation to switch soon. All previously installed games and content will be ready to transfer to the company’s new application – the program can be downloaded via the official blog.

In addition, players will be able to create friends lists by linking their EA account to other platforms and services such as Steam, Xbox and PlayStation. It will be possible to keep track of which games users are playing and thus access titles with friends.

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The new application is available for PCs with Windows support. Mac players won’t be able to access the program yet, with Origin still being EA’s platform for the service as of this writing.

Launched in June 2011, Origin became Electronic Arts’ flagship app and the company’s goal was to compete with Steam for the digital distribution space. However, the show has lost ground to Valve’s platform and the Epic Games Store in recent years.

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