The most requested game on Steam, the day before will use help from unpaid volunteers

You may not earn anything to create the game, but it looks great in your portfolio.

Postponed in early May, Previous day Is a zombie survival story that quickly climbed the list The most requested titles on Steam. However, the game focuses on aspects that go beyond its topic: Jobs posted by developer FNTASTIC show that Many people who work on the game do not receive a salary.

The company says it works with two types of volunteers: those who devote full time to the project (and get paid for it) and those who work part-time. Those who choose the second option do not receive a fee other than the promise of game codes and their names listed on the credits. – Famous “looks great in your portfolio.”

Includes part-time positions Areas such as translation and community moderationBut FNTASTIC asks that volunteers “Offer them unique skills to improve the project or create new special features“. The developer of the site Well Played, The Day Before says so Employees who do not have salaries “do not write code” or actively participate in the creation of the game.

Vacancies are advertised as “opportunities to work for a common cause”

In a video dedicated to explaining the culture of his collaboration, FNTASTIC states that Volunteering is in their games “Ability to work for a common purpose. According to the developer, “Volunteering means that each action brings some pleasure“.

So far, the developer has not published more details about its development process, which has drawn sharp criticism. Among the unanswered questions is how Distinguish between “paid volunteers” and people considered studio employees.

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The fact that The Day Before employs paid work is also astonishing considering that It aims to be a Triple A quality project funded by Mytona Publishing. Announced in 2021, the title was due to hit Steam on June 21 this year, before it was postponed. March 2023 as a result of the transition to Unreal Engine 5.


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