The most powerful RPG attacks of all time!

There are few thrills when playing an RPG than working for hours to improve your characters and then unleashing an attack so powerful that tens or hundreds of thousands of damage appear on the screen, clearly showing how strong your character is. is already done!

Of course, power can’t always be measured by this metric, but many games aim to show in numbers exactly how much damage their hero has taken! So, inspired by a Reddit post, we went to check out some video games where one hit can score thousands, millions, or even trillions of points in a single hit! Check out the list below!

Final Fantasy XIII – Highwind deals 983,500 damage

Let’s start “easy” and low, without a million points yet. After all, franchise games Final Fantasy form one of the mainstays of JRPGs and have greatly helped popularize them around the world. In Final Fantasy XII We already had some very strong attacks, but the bar continued to rise XIII! In this video, Charismatic Vanilla uses Tier 2+ Ally KO Power Surge to gain 130% more damage for each ally knocked down, making good use of partners Sazh and Hope surviving after four turns of Staggering. Enemy, further increases damage:

Bravely implied – 999,999 points of damage

Stats increase more and more with each level and item obtained, many games set a ceiling, and no matter how much damage you do after that, the number shown will always stop there, which can be a bit frustrating. Before we break the million barrier, it’s good to use it as an example Bravely implied, a portable RPG full of interesting mechanics, but which limits its players to 999,999 points of damage. By using the Bravely Second feature, you can punch through with exactly that absurd force. But can we go further?

Final Fantasy XIV – Afflatus Misery hits 10,770,771 damage!

And now it’s time to finally get to the tens of millions of points of damage that have only been made possible Final Fantasy When the series embraces the MMORPG genre, it’s only natural that there are more spells and features. before expansion endwalkerAfter tweaking some attributes a bit, a series of effects and abilities could be applied to the White Mage, and after days of testing, player Sfia Pirion detailed a specific and rare method of achievement on her channel. Maximum number recorded on video at that time:

Diablo III – 187,000,000,000,000 challenging characters!

2.2 patch Diablo III It gave the game community a good buzz and took its damage to a really impressive level! With creativity, patience, and the right equipment, millions out of harm’s way have become quite possible, as have billions. But the coolest video we could find is 187Trillion gameplay from player ZenRyoku#1518 using a Demon Hunter with a Shadows Grasp build that deals 50,000% more damage when grasping a pole in addition to generating a cube ability. 1,200%, achieved the incredible result below:

Disgea 4 – There are more than 900,000,000,000,000,000!

In the turn-based battle strategy RPG genre, no one can be crazier in their moves than the franchise. Disgea! The highest we found on video was 900 quadrillion damage, but there’s a slightly unfortunate catch: you can’t see all those zeros on the screen at once, so the game ends up using multiple letters to replace the zeros. In this video, Nekotama used the natural sardine and lion stand trick with Tera Heals, with a counter that generates 184 trillion. And then, with the help of Forever Counter, the damage gradually accumulates:

The Xenoblade Chronicles – Bionis Slash X – Infinite damage!

So far we’ve seen a very large number of attacks and it’s really funny how immeasurable they are for our poorly developed primate brains, but what can overcome a move with a quadrillion points of damage? There is only one option: harm infinite! Well, that’s what happens in the first one The Xenoblade ChroniclesWhere the boss Egil unleashes one special attack, the power of which is illustrated by the infinity symbol on the screen, the relentless Bionis Slash X:

And these were some of the most powerful attacks I’ve ever seen in RPGs! Of course there are many more, so if you remember anything else that you forgot to mention, let us know Voxel Social Networks!

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