The MMORPG halted development after the developer lost its Crypto Kickstarter money

Those who invested in the Untamed Isles crowdfunding campaign are angry and want their money back

MMORPG Untamed Isles creator Joshua Grant has updated the project’s Kickstater page to announce that the game is currently on hold indefinitely. Reason? O The money from the campaign funding was completely lost after the grant invested it in cryptocurrency. In a lengthy post, the game’s director explained that the downturn in the cryptocurrency market has drained the game’s resources.

MMORPG Untamed Isles is a monster catching and fighting game that implements the classic Pokemon game elements as well as the TemTem game of the same genre that uses GaaS aspects to add content. Unruly Islands Reached 420% of the goal and received R$ 2,728,396 in financing. 3052 people supported the project. At the moment, Those who supported the game are angryThey want their money back.

The MMORPG developer tries to explain the situation

On the Kickstarter page, Joshua Grant tried to explain the situation: “Today I have very sad news to share with you. We have to stop development on Untamed Isles and put the project on hold. It is with heavy hearts that we have made this decision and we understand that our amazing community will be shocked to read this.”.

Grant says that the MMORPG project is ambitious, and that after the success of the campaign, more than 70 people were hired to work on the game in about two years. After a while he comments “The economic landscape has changed dramatically both in general and for cryptocurrency in particular”.

According to the director when the crypto market crashed, developer Phat Loot He failed to diversify his investments and ended up losing money. Grant also noted in the message that “Crypto funds have become and continue to be necessary to enable us to launch [o jogo]Below you can find an excerpt from the message posted on the Kickstarter page.

however, Those who invested in the project were not happy at all When it was revealed that the Kickstarter money was invested in crypto and is now gone. One of the comments states: “It is highly questionable to use sponsors’ money in the cryptocurrency market instead of using it in the game. as was intended. Your home page talks about a full refund…..what will be done?”.

The situation seems complicated, after all, some users point out that the development freeze may be a strategy to create the feeling that “one day” the game will be released. The intention to suspend development, rather than canceling the game outright, will help developer Phat Loot avoid refunds. In the risk description section it is mentioned that Refunds will only be made if Untamed Isles is not published.

Regardless of what Joshua Grant is doing, the fact is that the R$2,728,396 received from the campaign was not used directly in the development of the game – which was the promise, instead they were invested in crypto in the vain hope of even more profits. Now that money does not exist Those who supported the project will probably have a hard time getting their money back.

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