The Microsoft and Activision deal may finally be approved by the FTC in August

U.S. regulatory approval should help the acquisition pass scrutiny from agencies operating in other countries.

Microsoft’s acquisition of Activison Blizzard was announced in January of this year He is going to take an important step towards its completion. After Microsoft has provided all data that Microsoft Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requested, the agency has a Only 30 days to objectAgreement signed between companies.

If there is no observation during the period, it means The procurement has been approved by the agency and is one step closer to full completion. However, there are still some hurdles that could hamper the progress of the negotiations, according to the website Dealreporter, which broke the story. It is unclear whether Activision Blizzard has submitted the documents requested by the FTC.

If this does not happen, The period of 30 calendar days will start only from the moment of submission of documents. During this period, the agency has three alternatives: Get information and close your investigationNegotiate rules with companies to ensure the market remains competitive or Try to stop the deal by suing in federal courts from the United States.

The FTC’s position is still unclear

It is not yet known what position the US supervisory body will take regarding the progress of the negotiations. The investigation started in the middle of February this year In a context in which the United States government promises to adopt a tougher attitude to monitor the impact of big-name mergers technological market.

Although Microsoft and Activision Blizzard shareholders approved the acquisition of the publisher, The processes in front of him can become an obstacle in order to complete the investigation. In May of this year, for example, New York began a legal dispute against the company, in which CEO Bobby Kotick is accused of rushing the sale to the Xbox owner As a way to escape from other processes.

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If all goes as the companies expect and the FTC approves, The purchase will still have to be reviewed by regulatory authorities in other countries – No matter how difficult it is, if the US entity sets a precedent. A procurement process is expected Fully completed by the end of the current fiscal year ending March 31, 2023.


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