The Messiah, the NHL great, is starred by Colt, who shares his name

The Messiah, the NHL great, is starred by Colt, who shares his name

When Messier enters the starting line-up as one of the favorites for the Kentucky 148th Derby, he will try to become only the third Canadian bred horse to win the race. He will be supported by many people, a little more diligently than the man whose name was named after him, the former NHL great Mark Messier.

Mark Messie, who was born in St. Alberta, Alberta, has won six Stanley Cups, five with the Edmonton Oilers and one with the New York Rangers, and is the only player to have captained two teams in the Hockey Final Prize.

Tom Ryan, the managing partner of SF Racing, a horse co-owner, is married to Katie Hughes, the daughter of Pat Hughes, who played alongside Mark Messier and Wayne Gretzky on the Edmonton Oilers teams that won the cup in 1984 and 1985. Katie Hughes’s uncle Mark Napier also played on the 1985 team.

A few years ago, Ryan and his family attended the Oilers reunion in Edmonton, and Ryan said that after talking to Messier, he was so in love that he knew he wanted the horse to be named after him.

When it came time to name Colt, who was born on a Sam-Son farm in Milton, Ontario and bought for $ 470,000 a year, Ryan knew it was who he should be.

Hughes Ryan had one request.

“The only thing I told him when he told me we should call the horse the Messiah was that he understood better,” Hughes said. “Messier is one of the best who has ever played this game and you do not want to be bothered by such a name.”

So far, the horse is holding back its deal. He finished first or second in 6 starts and made $ 435,600.

Mark Messi, who is an ESPN analyst and covers the NHL playoffs, could not make it to the derby. But he pursued a horse career and would continue it from his home in Greenwich, Conn., With his brother, Paul and father, Doug, a former player and coach, and a horse-loving fan.

“We are all so in love,” said Mark Messier, adding that he once bought a horse as a Christmas present for his father.

Hughes has tested positive for corovirus and is watching from his home in Ann Arbor, Mich. He said that Mark and Doug send messages to the Messiahs to update them about the horse.

The leadership of Marc Messier helped the Rangers complete a 54-year drought in the Stanley Cup drought in 1994, earning him the nickname Messiah. He was also called Mousse because of his diligence, aggression and strength. Messiah breeders said that Colt displayed similar qualities when he was young.

Messiah supporters were delighted to enter the Belmont bets next month with a triple crown and to receive advice from a man with another nickname, perhaps the most topical: Mr. Eun.

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