The leak shows gameplay, screenshots, and more [rumor]

A lot of GTA 6 content has surfaced online this Sunday morning (18). The files, shared by a user who “hacked Uber a few days ago,” show dozens of images and gameplay clips highlighting the performance of the two heroes, who are still in the alpha stage of development.

According to the journalist Jason Schreier, from Bloomberg, the documents are legitimate and confirm previous information about the game. A lot of content is covered, such as the shop loot system, interactions with open world NPCs, details on male and female characters, and much more.

There wasn’t much doubt, but I confirmed with Rockstar sources that this weekend’s massive Grand Theft Auto VI leak is indeed real. Filming is from early and unfinished stages, of course. This is one of the biggest leaks in video game history and a nightmare for Rockstar Games.

It looks like GTA 6 will be set in a city like Miami – nothing has been confirmed about the inclusion of Vice City as the main map. According to the Reddit forums, the source code and assets of GTA 5 and 6 have also been shared, and that seems to be Rockstar Games’ biggest concern at the moment.

Many files are already posted on social networks such as Twitter and YouTube, much of the content is still live and available for playback. It should be remembered that GTA 6 has not yet been revealed and these materials are disclosed as leaks and should not reflect the final version.

Rockstar will prioritize offline in GTA 6

Recently, a report by insider ‘Tez2’ suggested that Rockstar will prioritize single-player gameplay in GTA 6. He said future DLCs for the game will focus on the offline campaign and include city packs, quest updates and expansions. More places to explore. Click here to learn more.

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