The leak shows a multiplayer Crash Bandicoot game

Rumors of a new Crash Bandicoot launch have been very strong in recent months. There have already been more than 4 occasions when the possibility of this was discussed, it was even mentioned that it would be presented during the memorial service. Game Awards 2022🇧🇷 Well, now we can look at one Crash Bandicoot multiplayer gameplay Which is also the subject of rumors lately.

Thanks to Liam Robertson, a user who describes himself as a video game historian, he’s been closely following the growth of Toys For Bob, and via a video on his YouTube channel, he shared gameplay of what appears to be a Crash Bandicoot multiplayer title. be the title Genre “hero-shooter”. Adapted for marsupial play.

According to him, and as we’ve known for a while now, the Toys For Bob team had several Crash Bandicoot-related projects in the works, but they were canceled after the studio moved to support activities in Call of Duty: Warzone. However, the user did have access to what would be the franchise’s multiplayer title Wumpa League🇧🇷

As we can see in the video, yesterday he finally got enough information to be able to show off the multiplayer gameplay of Crash Bandicoot. More than the infamous alpha state🇧🇷 The title offered a multiplayer experience where two teams had to face each other to get as many wampa fruits as possible.

The title was developed under the Crash Bandicoot 4 engine and the gameplay was very similar to the aforementioned title with some additions made to play these features. Through the headshot system, we could eliminate our enemies if we dealt him enough damage or if we managed to send him off the map. In addition, the user notes that each map had its own characteristics, for example, the one shown in the video, which was a toxic sea in which the “tide” increased, due to which he had to reach higher areas.

It seems that the title was designed to include a lot of cosmetic content, with character skins and backpacks that would change the shape of our glider. Finally, the user mentions that he recently had access to the new videos in a more refined phase, but that he does not have permission to publish them, which gives him hope that one day we can see this Crash Bandicoot multiplayer on the market.

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