The Last of Us Remake: Sony announces the game and shows the trailer; Check

[ATUALIZADA – 17h]: Director Neil Druckman took to the stage to officially announce Summer Game Fest The Last of Us Part I. He said it would be a “defined version” of the game for PS5 and PC players.

The event also featured Ashley Johnson (actress who played Ellie) and Troy Baker (Joel). They recalled the experience of participating in the game and revealed that they will be in the HBO series The Last of Us, where fans are already familiar with the characters.

The new title will benefit the PS5 hardware and will have features like 3D audio, haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. On the Naughty Dog blog, the developer explained that Drakman “handed over” director Matthew Gallant and creative director Sean Eskaig.

Also shown are footage seen so far comparing the upcoming remake to the PS4 remaster title. See photos below:

[ORIGINAL – 13h30]: By and large, Sony leaked this Thursday (09), probably its biggest announcement saved for the Summer Game Fest: The Last of Us Remake. Officially titled The Last of Us Part I, the game will be released on PlayStation 5 on September 2, 2022..

Although an official announcement is only now emerging, the existence of the project has long been suggested. In April of this year, well-known journalist Jason Schreier even published an article on Bloomberg stating that the game was in the hands of a smaller studio, but Sony decided to transfer it to Naughty Dog later.

According to a leaked post, The Last of Us Part I Will have two versions: the traditional one, which will be released with the Left Behind DLC; And the Steelbook edition, which features reprints of The Last of Us: American Dreams comics and accessories. Check out the covers below:

The pre-release text also reveals that the game will be “a complete overview of the first experience, with a faithfully reproduced but upgraded gameplay, improved controls and enhanced accessibility options.”

In addition, search and combat operations have been improved, suggesting that the new game will be a remake and not just a remaster.


The leak caused by Sony itself also included an official trailer The Last of Us Part I. The promotional video shows remade graphics from the cinema and recalls the story of Joel and Ellie.

At the end, it displays the release date and information that the PC version is in development. Watch the video below:

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