The Last of Us Part I: See Editions, Price and Release Date

During the transfer Summer Games Festival Last Thursday (09), Naughty Dog Officially announced The Last of Us Part 1 – A complete remake of Joel and Eile’s first adventures with many graphics and gameplay improvements coming out today 02 September From this year PlayStation 5 And Pracha. See a graphical comparison below:

We’ve implemented upgraded gameplay, improved controls, and enhanced access options in this one-on-one experience to give even more people fun with the game. Effects, viewing and combat improved. Using the powerful hardware of the PS5, we have also introduced 3D audio and adaptive triggers.Both returning fans as well as new players will have experience. The Last of Us Part I And its predecessor ᲣSkin abandonment “Completely new,” reads the post on the studio’s official website.

Which versions of Last of Us Part 1 will be sold?

As explained during the Summer Game Festival and later posted on the Naughty Dog blog, a remake The last of us for that PS5 There will be three editions and purchasing any of them at pre-order will already give players extra weapon parts and bonus add-ons to help them on their journey. Check out the available options below:

Standard – BRL 350

The main edition, which includes the main game and the prequel ᲣSkin abandonment Available in physical and digital media.

Digital Deluxe – BRL 400

Source: Naughty Dog

Digital version containing the following elements and features:

  • Increased craft speed ability
  • Increase recovery speed
  • Improved 9mm reset speed
  • Improved Rifle Log Capacity
  • Explosive Arrows Game Modifier
  • Punk Dither Filter
  • Speedrun mode
  • Six gun skins: 9mm Black Gold Pistol Skin, 9mm Silver Filigree Pistol Skin, Tactical Rubber Rifle Skin, Carved Oak Rifle Skin, Arctic White Bow Skin, Carbon Black Bow Skin

Firefly Edition – BRL 510

Source: Naughty Dog

This beautiful physical version with Steelbook will have the same benefits as Digital DeluxeAlso from four comics The Last of Us: American Dreams With the new cover, but unfortunately, according to the developer website, it will only be Available in the United States.

How long will it take to defeat The Last of Us Part 1?

According to the website How Long to Beat, the duration of the gameplay of the remastered version TLOU Chavla From 2 to 8 p.m.with Letf Behind Add about more Three hours Up to that value. So complex workers who love to look at every nook and cranny of every map can expect more 30 hours Play this adventure.

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