The Last of Us Part I reveals a never-before-seen secret about Joel

The first The Last of Us recreation became one of the most questioned of all time when it was announced. However, it seems that studio Naughty Dog was ready to deal with the negative consequences. as? Adding very specific curiosities.

In a recent post on Twitter from PlayStation UK, we can see the protagonist of the series’ original game come into the room with a scale – the kind some people have at home to keep track of their weight.

Naturally, some players may pass by this area, see the scale and ignore it. After all, what were the chances that the scales weren’t just another cute element to fill out the scene? Well… I must say the odds were high.

As you can see in the video above, when Joel steps on the scale from The Last of Us Part I, the numbers on the scale really react to the character’s presence and reveal his official weight: 90 kg.

In fact, Joel does not stand on the scale without equipment. So that’s the weight of the character when carrying all the essentials to survive the apocalypse. In the official picture you will see the number 200, but the value is in pounds. Converting to kilograms, you get 90.

Obviously, Joel’s weight is nothing more than a small, irrelevant plot detail. Still, it’s impressive that Naughty Dog persisted with creating a working scale of the character.

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So far, no player has attempted the same experiment that Eli is at stake. That’s why his weight remains a mystery.

The Last of Us Part I is available for PS5. The PC version doesn’t have a release date yet.

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