The Last of Us Part I is praised by Digital Foundry; look

The Digital Foundry channel, a specialist in technical reviews, did a detailed analysis of The Last of Us Part I. Through a 50-minute video, the machine highlighted the improvements, compared it to The Last of Us 2, and praised the work. Naughty Dog in the remake.

First, let’s talk about the game’s resolution:

  • Fidelity mode – 4K/30 FPS
  • Performance mode – 4K (dynamic)/60 FPS
  • Performance on 120 Hz monitors exceeds 60 FPS and Fidelity Mode reaches 40 FPS. Most of the time, the game runs at 1440p, with occasional drops;

The content creators still claim that even without the gameplay similar to The Last of Us 2, the new game is the best version since its release in 2013. Watch the video below:

For starters, Digital Foundry has excelled at delivering new details, especially in environments where a very realistic touch to reflections, water effects and lighting is noticeable from the outset. Material textures and shadow rendering have changed a lot.

Players will also observe various particles in areas where spores are present. These changes make the game even more impressive, and Naughty Dog has taken great care to implement more calibrated physics when interacting with objects (rushing) in scenarios.

Comparison between The Last of Us Part I and The Last of Us 2

Speaking of gameplay, Digital Foundry’s reviewers have often mentioned The Last of Us Part II. The main expectation of the fans was probably the gameplay similar to the sequel, maintaining the story and improving the fluidity of the combat, however, it did not happen as they expected.

In The Last of Us Part I, according to the channel, it won’t be possible to do something like tricky mechanics when playing with Ellie, for example. Vegetation remains the same as in the original 2013 game, meaning no bushes to hide from targets.

(Source: Digital Foundry)

This is largely due to the retention of the basic design of the levels, which, despite being more vibrant and with higher quality textures and details, have not completely changed. This explains why Naughty Dog developers are talking about a possible “gameplay break” if the features are implemented in the remake.

For this reason, the characters do not have anything new to show throughout the game in terms of innovative mechanics or based on the 2020 GOTY. The studio kept the original footprint, but introduced new elements to make things more fluid.

This is more than I expected. Animation, camera work, enemy behavior and everything has changed.

As stated in the video, The Last of Us Part I has shooting mechanics very similar to The Last of Us 2. Camera position, weapons and attack animations are more “polished” according to analysts.

The Last of Us Part I objective
(Source: Digital Foundry)

The update also messed up the effect of bullets on enemies. For example, when a person is shot in the leg, Joel will have enough time to approach and take them hostage, which was not the case in the original PS3 game or the PS4 remaster.

The AI ​​is much smarter in The Last of Us Part I

Another interesting change was in the AI ​​of the NPCs. To give you an idea, the analysts took the remaster and left Joel hidden to see when the robbers would find him during the exchange of fire. Result? No one went to meet the hero.

On PS5, it takes seconds for enemies to pass through a character’s allies, close in on a long-range combat strategy, and find him behind boxes – and they’ve already arrived by sending a bullet.

The Last of Us Part I Joel Hidding
(Source: Digital Foundry)

What did MeuPS think of The Last of Us Part I?

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