The Last of Us 2: Fans use mods to change game events; Watch the video

The player posts a video trying to save Joel and destroy the EBs in the final confrontation

Who plays or watches videos about it The last of us 2 Knowing that some specific events are surprising. During the story of the second game, Naughty Dog Always puts the player in doubt about what is right and what is wrong. After all, only one Mod You can change the player’s choice, right? Yeah, more or less.

There is no escape from fate in the original title, as at different times players are forced to kill some of the characters or perform actions that they did not like.

In this way, without choice, a TLOU fan, youtuber SpecifierPosted a video on his channel using a new modification to change the current game history of the second game, for example Save Joel And To kill Antagonist Abbey.

Warning: spoiler below.


Watch the full video below (with spoilers) showing all attempts to change the modification.

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8 minute video, Specifier Trying to change a few important scenes for The Last of Us 2 story, which are mostly related to the deaths of some of the characters.

At the beginning of the video, using weapons and an ax, the player still tries to kill the character. Abbey During the final fight EliHowever, despite the severe trauma, the antagonist does not die.

Then, again controlling the main character, the crowd tries to survive Joel Revenge Abbey. To do this, before moving on to one of the saddest scenes in the game, the player enters a room where his adoptive father is with his antagonist thugs and tries to kill them with a gun, but the targets do not hit, or, unfortunately. Joel Has no other future.

In another scene that now controls the pill, the player tries to kill himself Tommy Before taking his life Manny. Despite his wounding, the character fails to kill him.

One of the most memorable scenes in the game is when Eli, who is looking for Bis, finds a pregnant woman. honey And Owen On the aquarium. Thus, before eliminating them, the player tries to kill them before entering the scene and even succeeds, however, when he enters the scene again, the two change to the original scene.

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The player also tries to kill Eli When you play Abbey. Even leaving the competitor completely destroyed, it is impossible to eliminate it.

In the posted video, the fan is still trying to perform other actions that do not change the game history, e.g. Kill the prisoners And Get out of the car During the persecution.

The most bizarre scene of the modification is revealed at the end of the video when the player is in control Eli Can kill Whitney In front of the original scene. His enemy is already dead, during the scene Ellie seems to be fighting an invisible man.

The Last of Us: A behind-the-scenes video shows a game-like scene being recorded
Production is due to be released in the HBO Max catalog in 2023


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