The Indonesian government blocks Steam, Epic Games and several other services

Blocked by the Indonesian government SteamA epic games and a number of other services in its national territory. Blocks will only be temporary and will be subject to local laws. By the way, the decision Giants like Yahoo and PayPal were also affectedExcept for games like Dota 2 and counter strikeIt appears to be a reflection of non-compliance with the country’s mandatory requirement.

According to Nikopartners, the Indonesian government regulation, known as Penyelengra Sistem Elektronik Swasta (PSE), or Private Electronic Systems Provider, aims to “establish a system for all PSEs operating in Indonesia.” It would be an idea Regulation of digital space in the country“Protecting public access to digital platforms” as well as “Creating a fair system between domestic and foreign PSEs, including conditions. Collection of taxes“.

Analyst Daniel Ahmed offered some insight into the incident, saying that the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has contacted companies that do not comply with current regulations. The intention will be “Ensure compliance and return the lock“What can happen if the companies comply with the government’s requirements.

According to Reuters, Foreign companies operating in Indonesia Must be registered under new rules published by local authorities in November 2020. The text also states that companies must “give broad powers to the government Obliges platforms to disclose certain users’ data“, except to remove content deemed illegal or “violating public order”. The time limit for such actions will be 4 hours in urgent cases or 24 hours in other cases.

Great games like brave man, PUBG mobile and RobloxOn the other hand, they would regulate themselves and accept the rules set by the Indonesian government in 2020. Therefore, these and other services that followed the same path were not prohibited by the PSE.

The term of regulation and acceptance of rules by international companies operating in the territory of Indonesia Closed last weekend — However, many companies seem to have chosen to ignore the process. It is estimated that approx 191 million users were affected For blocks that, although theoretically temporary and subject to change, are still valid.

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