The indie hit is coming to Xbox Game Pass

O Xbox Game Pass Don’t be afraid to add any game big or small, no difference between indies and AAA. Despite the current drought of first-party titles, there are plenty of games for everyone to try, and finding new personal favorites on subscriptions like this is one of the reasons for its success. And there’s an indie game coming soon to Xbox Game Pass that everyone should check out.

When it comes to indies, sometimes there are viral hits that grab the attention of fans, for example Hades or Rogue Legacy 2. Sometimes others are more obscure and important to discover. Game Pass will help you with that. And the game is controversial insideIndie success The death of evil, which joins Xbox Game Pass on July 29. And it can be said that Inside is really something special among indie games.


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Inside – an indie hit


on OpenCriticInside is super comfortable on average 91 most critical, a total of 94% of reviewers recommend it. 90+ is rare in the industry and, for context, only four games in 2022 average 90+. one of them Ring of EldenWhich turned out to be a big change in how a developer can approach an open world game.

Inside, however, achieved similar critical acclaim, albeit for different reasons. Because of its indie and possibly quirky status, it hasn’t achieved the same level of commercial success, and that’s a shame. In Inside, players control a boy in a dystopian world where he must solve environmental puzzles and avoid death. It borrows a similar and unique graphical appeal from its predecessor, limbo.

When it was released, it was praised for its improvements on Limbo, its unique art direction and atmosphere, and its intuitive gameplay. Its ending sparked a lot of discussion and interpretation online, and it would eventually be nominated for many awards, including Game of the Year. In fact, it’s often considered one of the greatest games of all time – something that’s often hyperbolic, but maybe not really for this indie title.

It brings all of its unique features to Xbox Game Pass, and for those who have never checked out this title, it’s an easy recommendation.

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