The indie game pits a squirrel with a gun to evade the police and rob people

Squirrel Gun puts players in the shoes of a squirrel who needs to escape from government agents

Developed by Daniel de Entremont, Squirrel with a Gun is an indie game featuring an armed squirrel that can rob people and even evade the police. The title had its first gameplay released last week, showing the public a kind of Grand Theft Auto (GTA) where the protagonist is a rodent.

As the game’s name suggests, it pits a squirrel who uses full-sized weapons to terrorize the city. Along with it, players will have to rob people and devise plans to escape from the police and government agents who want to arrest you.

Although the armed squirrel is a little far from reality, the developer wanted to bring some realism by making the recoil of the weapon closer to the real thing. At this moment, the squirrel is thrown backwards, which is why it is necessary to perform acrobatics with the animal.

Even after the release of the first images of Squirrel Gun, developer Daniel de Entremont did not reveal when the game will be released to the public. With few details released, it is also not known on which platform it will be available.

However, fans can expect the Squirrel game to bring good graphics. That’s because when the video was posted, the developer used the hashtag Unreal Engine 5. That way, it’s possible that the title is running on one of the latest graphics engines out there right now.

Playing with animals is increasing

A squirrel with a gun is something of a different proposition when it comes to game design. However, recently released titles show that using animals as main characters has become a big trend in the gaming industry.

Titles like Goat Simulator, Untitled Goose Game and a tramp Animals such as goats, geese and cats were placed as the heroes of the games. The most recently released title was Stray, which was released this year for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC.

Play / Tramp

Released on July 19th of this year, Stray is published by Annapurna Interactive and has quickly become one of the top rated Steam games of 2022. The title puts players in the shoes of a stray cat separated from his family and bound. Explore an abandoned futuristic world populated by robots and strange creatures.

Focusing on platforming sections and environmental exploration, the game has several aspects that grab players’ attention. Among them is the existence of a mysterious language, the meaning of which was deciphered in a short time as a result of the joint work of dedicated fans.


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