The gearbox reveals that it has 9 Triple A games in development

The company continues to expand its activities as a distributor

However Gearbox software Known primarily as a series developer Border lands, Recently he has also taken on the role of distributing and popularizing games produced by other studios. According to the company, This side of his operations develops at least 9 Triple A quality games Over the next few years.

The figures became known when the financial results of Embracer Group were publishedWhich became the owner of Gearbox in February 2021. According to the company, “The gearbox continues to scale the organization to fulfill its ambitious growth plan and currently has nine Triple A games in development.“.

Although the names were not mentioned at the meeting, the company’s recent announcements help us to understand which names might be part of this group. Titles like Home World 3, Hyper light breaker, Legends of the relic hunter, Have a good death And Dark Eyes: A Strange Case of One Victoria Bloom There are several projects that have already revealed their direct connection to the publisher.

Some titles have not yet been announced

Another game that could be on Gearbox’s list of future projects is the new Tales from the Borderlands, being developed by its state-of-the-art studios. Therefore, Among the company’s future plans will be at least three major uncertain gamesWhich started its operations in 1999 with the development of the first extensions Half life.

Continues to expand its activities, The developer should continue to pay attention to the world of Borderlands and its spin-offs. Take-Two Interactive recently revealed this Little Tina Wonderland (Gearbox game published by him) Exceeded your sales expectations And has 30% of its player base staffed by people who have never played by FPS developers before.

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Some future projects of the company May include intellectual property such as Duke NukemWho had the last game (20th Anniversary World Tour) Was released in 2016 and has not been much since. This is the wish of the original creators of Duke Nukem Forever, a game whose original version has just leaked to the internet.


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Source: Eurogamer, Windows Central


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