The GameSpot investigation revealed the troubled history of the abandoned blue box

GameSpot has published a story containing an investigation into Abandoned’s Blue Box Game Studios.

The article is long and contains a lot of information. However, much of the beginning is information that we already know. What ‘s new are the following:

  • There is an exclusive chat group run by Hassan Kahraman himself. It manually selects the people who participate in this chat and sends it to the NDA (a document you sign that confirms that you will not disclose what is being said);
  • Kahraman often argues with this group, revealing what is being done. There are times when he “explodes in anger” and then apologizes and says he is very tense;
  • The site’s audio case, which Kahraman said was hacking, came from this group. He hosted a site to show off his favorites and leaked from there. Not to mention the group existed, he made up the story of the hackers;
  • The mysterious audio now available on YouTube was incorrectly translated into Japanese, as if using a program similar to Google Translate. Sources believed that the use of the Japanese language was another way that Kahraman chose to rely on Kojima’s theories, even though he simultaneously rejected them. The audio is linked to the “zero cell” conspiracy that Kahraman was creating at the time, which sources say sounded like a cheap copy. Metal Gear Solid;
  • For the group, Kahraman curses all potential partners of the “swindlers”. Be they co-developers or even Jeff Kyle with his Summer Game Fest or GamesRadar at the Future Games Show;
  • Kahraman sought to establish a working and romantic relationship with a member of the band and promised to pay him for work done on works related to the PlayStation’s game trophies after the studio began earning revenue for the release. He said in March 2022 that he intended to visit a potential business and romantic partner in person two months later when he would be “free”, which is why Kahraman hoped to complete the game prologue by that time. One of the several splits in the group chat also separated the couple socially and professionally, and according to sources, they have not spoken since;
  • In another situation, Kahraman asked a member of the group to act as his shipping partner to keep the final physical copies of the game in the US so that Kahraman would not have to find a repository traveling from the Netherlands to the US. He offered to pay the fans $ 1,500, which he said would cover the costs with the remaining “winnings” and send them to the Blue Box Game Studios email address so he could correspond with Sony. He acknowledged that final details, including payment, had not yet been determined. A few days after sending a fan to fill out a Sony Interactive Entertainment form that included his home address, Kahraman canceled the odd deal;
  • Strange, but the youngest in the group was only 12 years old and other members described him as loud and rude. Once, while the band was talking about a PlayStation audio party, this young fan told another member of the band to commit suicide while Kahraman remained silent next to him. The other members personally comforted the person and expressed frustration at the fact that Kahraman had done nothing about it;
  • The band has gone through several reruns since last fall, but they kept one common theme: it was “toxic”. What started out as a place of socializing for avid fans with the game developer in the spotlight was more like a promise of loyalty and secrets to someone who behaves in a questionable way. Sources say members thought they should support the game and praise Kahraman between the Rainbow Six Siege rounds with him – a game he often invited some of them to play late at night – or they could leave;
  • Kahraman was sharing something he did not impress with the band and may even have leaked to a few outsiders when Kahraman said he was just checking his loyalty and that the materials are not Abandoned, At the end. It started more after the Zero Cell audio leak, during which Kahraman became more suspicious of the band members;
  • Kahraman told the group that he was actively working Abandoned, But as time went on, he could not show many things that seemed true or convincing, often even exceeding even self-imposed deadlines. For example, after saying that he had a planned exposure for a working day, that day came and went without further development;
  • Sources say that Kahraman finally admitted to the PSN group that Abandoned Not in development, But still claims to be a playable prologue. As already mentioned, the sales of this prologue are aimed at financing the full game and attracting investors, but the materials he shared with a private group only caused confusion. He promised play tests, sometimes even to one person in a group, but was not actually presented with play tests;
  • Some members joked that the game should be called “Wallbadoned” because a lot of what Kahraman showed was the walls of the game and nothing else. Questioning who is close to the situation, how much progress is actually being made even in the prologue;
  • A PlayStation representative did not respond to a request for comment from GameSpot. Kahraman declined to comment.

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