The gameplay of Callisto Protocol is detailed by Sony

The developers of Striking Distance Studio are in a right frenzyAccording to Sony’s post on the PS Blog, which revealed details of The Callisto Protocol game. Tim Turey, Senior Content Specialist at SIE, talked about his experience with the horror title on PS5.

Black Iron Castle has a survival atmosphere that can engage the player. According to Tour, everything in the environment comes to life with stunning visual fidelity. The article even highlighted Jacob’s movement:

Beads of sweat appear on his face and reflect the light, and then he wipes them off. The folds of your overalls are really dirty and wrinkled. Jacob also moves with the heavy, labored movements of someone who has survived a terrible ordeal. All of this is combined with movie-like details that add immersion and tension.

This proves it What Mark James saidDirector of The Callisto Protocol, in September:

Our characters are the most realistic you’ll find in a game. So realistic that when we first introduced our game, everyone thought it was pre-rendered.

Hand-to-hand combat takes center stage in The Callisto Protocol gameplay

Faced with biophages, “grotesque, infected humanoid monsters” that can climb walls and even have the ability to sheathe themselves, Jacob must be on the lookout. These creatures are deadly and the main character’s attacks will be of great importance.

Players will be able to choose between light attacks (R1) or heavy attacks (R2) when playing Callisto Protocol.

Unlike some horror games where weapons are a last resort, Jacob’s electrified baton is critical to survival.

Electric baton combos favor Jacob. Targets’ weak points will be presented after a well-executed hit sequence, and the operator will be able to critically hit monsters by pressing R2. According to Tur, this helps save ammunition.

DualSense brings even more immersion to The Callisto Protocol

Of course, you can’t talk about the gameplay of The Callisto Protocol on PS5 and not mention DualSense. Toure praised the use of the controller during the sessions:

When Jacob equips the baton, the PS5 controller’s haptic feedback feels like a heavy “thud” as it unfolds, as well as a surge of electrical energy in your palm. The weight of this ammo translates to satisfying feedback in close combat.

Jacob’s equipment and abilities

Jacob has evasion and can even block some of the biophage’s attacks. In addition, it has a “cathartic move”, which when performed gives more ammo, health and credits – these can be used to upgrade weapons and other improvements at stations.

Of course, not everything is solved by dodging and attacking with an electric baton. Tori revealed the existence of a 3D printer to make a new weapon for Jacob, where he received the Skunkgun Shotgun, which proved invaluable when dealing with large waves of creatures.

Every hero has their trusty weapon, and in the gameplay of The Callisto Protocol, Jacob parades around with his BI-55 pistol (hand cannon).

Jacob’s trusty weapon is very powerful. I’ve found this slow, powerful pistol to be ideal for blasting the enemy’s legs from afar, slowing their pursuit and giving me time to strategize. I must reiterate that ammo is very valuable, so aim is important.

The agent also has a very fun weapon in his arsenal: the GRP. With it, enemies can be lifted and objects can be moved to create space. However, it should be used with caution, as the equipment is easily disassembled.

Research is also presented.

Exploration in The Callisto Protocol gameplay is very well rewarded. In addition to discovering syringes to heal themselves, players will discover credits and new narrative elements.

For Jacob, these paths will not be free, so be careful with developing biophages:

Watching the flesh of the biophages quiver, grow, and form in real time is a stunning visual effect, but you’ll want to nip it in the bud as quickly as possible.

Horror goes far beyond narrative

The setting matches the gameplay of The Callisto Protocol. When exploring dark and foggy corridors, any surprise can convey a sense of terror. One of the clashes surprised the tour:

One of the more striking encounters involved a dark, narrow hallway, flashing lights, and a spider-like biophage rapidly crawling up the walls and ceiling. The strobe effect of the lighting allowed you to see flashes of the terrifying creature as it got closer and closer. I’ve faced this enemy a few times before, but this ambush left me frozen.

Many random situations can also happen during the sessions. As described in the PS blog post, grinders and other resources to help Jacob deal with monsters make dealing with creatures easier.

I started the session with a neutral curiosity about this stunning visual sci-fi horror project from Striking Distance Studios and left with sweaty hands and the most wanted new game of 2022. I will prioritize my journey to Prison of Dark Iron when the game arrives. on PS5 on December 2nd.

Callisto Protocol Jacob gameplay from behind

Callisto Protocol has already finished development and seems to be a good option for those who like the survival horror genre. Did you enjoy the game preview?

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