The game rating company is accused of manipulating the retro market

The game rating company is accused of manipulating the retro market

In 2021, journalist Carl Jobst posted a video on his YouTube channel in which he allegedly exposed the maneuvers. Watts – Specializes in assigning values ​​to physical media, according to their quality – together with the auction house Heritage Auctions To inflate value Retro games.

And on May 10 this year, a group lawsuit was filed in the United States against Vata over this very issue, including allegations that the company’s own employees were selling old games at absurd prices, which is considered a conflict of interest and. Even fraud.

More than 10,000 people are allegedly involved in the lawsuit, which accuses the company of “manipulating the retro video game market, unfair business practices, false advertising, and making false statements about response time to ratings.” Service and do not disclose material delays to customers. “

Retro bond prices have skyrocketed

Since its inception in 2018, Wata has become a leader in the ratings market, and games that previously sold for thousands of dollars at auction have quietly moved into the millions.

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The process will investigate whether there was indeed an attempt at price inflation to increase profits and whether the CEO of the company, Denise SkinConspiracy Jim HalperinThe co-founder of Heritage Auctions through press releases, interviews and other illegal actions to make this happen.

Both Watts And Heritage both pay interest on item sorting and auctioning, so the higher the price of the game, the more they both benefit from the situation.

Super Mario Bros cartridges can become proof

In February 2019, copy Super Mario Bros. It was sold for $ 100,000 valued by the company and among the three buyers were Halperin and a man named Richard Lee.

Among the evidence submitted by the applicants was the appearance of Lee in the program The deal is over From the History Channel, which arrived in Lombardy hoping to sell the cartridge for $ 1 million.

In the episode, the store owner decided to bring in an expert to evaluate the media and the chosen expert, Denise Khan.

“During the episode, Leche and Khan did not show any signs of a relationship with each other. Instead, it was as if they did not know each other. Khan said he remembered the game coming from Vata and described it as “the most important part in the history of video games” that ever went through a rating company, “the statement said.

The CEO then valued the bond at more than $ 300,000, which is three times the value of the original sale, but according to court documents, the store made no deal to buy the bonds, which only serves to increase its estimated value in the public mind.

Owners of retro games feel cheated

The plaintiffs said the measures taken by Wata forced many retro media owners to send their sealed headlines to the company for evaluation, believing they would receive large sums of money with growing market interest but unaware of the relationship between them. Company with auction house.

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Little did collectors know that Vata was massively packed with demand. Nevertheless, the company reported false and overly optimistic turnaround periods on its website. Customers will not be notified of any delays prior to their purchase. “Vata continued to receive orders and payments from customers,” the documents say.

At this time, the action is still at an early stage, so you will have to wait to find out what the outcome of this story will be.

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