The game is not yet released offers a free trial

Having good free games is great. However, it’s even better to be able to experience these games at the earliest., the platform where independent game developers meet the audience of the Opera GX browser, presents its first exclusive game, Windmills, which will be available until the end of December before being released on other gaming platforms. It’s true that is offering a free trial for a game that hasn’t even been released yet.

Windmills game provided by for free

Created over nearly two years by Greek developer Dimitris Locke under the guise of Poor Locke, Windmills is a story-rich, combat-oriented metroidvania inspired by the spirit of games like Dark Souls and Elden Ring.

The pixel-art platformer also features mechanics and easter eggs that are sure to appeal to fans of the popular ninja-themed adventure game, Messenger.

Additionally, like all free indie games on, Windmills was developed using GameMaker and Opera GX, which are part of an ecosystem dedicated to supporting creators and developers while providing exclusive access to original games.

Games are available on the platform

According to Mattijs de Valk, VP of Content Acquisition at Opera, “The indie games available on are for gamers to immerse themselves in when they have a break or free time, which is why millions of users have already tried it. Games like Chronicon, Seals of Bygone, Tunnel of Doom, Totemlands and Dyo – all for free. We’re taking things to the next level and now giving users exclusive, first access to the Windmills game ahead of its release on other platforms.”

“The Windmills offering exclusively showcases the unique strengths of, GameMaker, and Opera GX, all built to support developers every step of the way in the creation process,” added Valk.

More games added

In addition to Windmills, also added Chronicon (10/10 Steam), a sprawling, fantasy-based ARPG that fans of Diablo or Torchlight will love.

In Chronicle, gamers must discover a magical device that allows travel into the souls and memories of fallen heroes to unlock epic adventures.

Every two weeks, adds a new high-end indie game to the platform, which users can play for free for up to three months. They can currently get free access to Seals of Bygone, Dyo, Tunnel of Doom, and Textorist.

To try these games for free, users must have Opera GX and can access on the website or by navigating directly from the GX corner of the browser. You can start playing instantly without the need to create an account.

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