The future of the Xbox: Microsoft is talking about new games and services

The last E3 (2021) was a very important period for the Xbox brand, with the announcement of several new franchises, exciting gaming fans and a few announcements, which made the presentation the event of the year – and perhaps one of the most memorable. Of the event. The industry as a whole.

Every year, before the start of the Xbox main event, Microsoft sends out a video to the press where several big companies talk about the current situation and what the company expects for the future of the brand. At the virtual briefing, Phil Spencer and other executives shared their perspectives on the future and commented on the diversity, availability and even excitement of new games such as Starfield.

The speech of the Xbox leaders is to preach the values ​​that the brand believes in, such as increasing the company and the variety of games in the console catalog (which includes investing heavily in first-party titles) and, above all, bringing in new ones. Audience with xCloud, which brings us to our first news.

xCloud Available on Samsung TVs (no console required)

It’s not new that Microsoft is commenting and flirting with the idea of ​​creating an environment for gamers that is not dependent on the home console. From June 30, 2022 all models and other Samsung TVs will have Xbox App on Gaming HubAllowing users to play various xCloud titles on their TV without the need for a desktop video game.

Just download the app, connect your Game Pass Ultimate account, and connect a Bluetooth controller that could be from the Xbox itself or several others, including the DualShock 4 or the PlayStation DualSense.


Despite the need to sign, it’s worth remembering Fortnite Recently added to the catalog without the need to pay a monthly fee (ie: If you want to test the service, just log in Fortnite).

Initially, the Xbox app will be available with xCloud on 2022 model Samsung TVs, but Microsoft also said it wants to establish a new partnership with other TV brands in the future. In addition, the company has revealed that there will be two new countries compatible with xCloud: Argentina and New Zealand (and will already be using the app on TV).

What is new for PC players

If you are one of those people who play Windows 11 PC or enjoy PC Gaming Pass, good things are in the future. Since the launch of the new operating system, the company has already introduced some exciting features like Xbox Auto HDR and DirectStorage, but there is still a long way to go.

According to Microsoft, there are four key features to check out: enhancements to games running in window mode, an HDR calibration app, a Game Pass widget to resume games you’ve played before, and a Controller Bar that lets you control a variety of things. With a computer controller.

  • Optimize in window mode: Improves latency and guarantees access to other features such as Auto HDR and VRR (variable refresh rate);
  • HDR Calibration App: For those who have HDR monitors, the app can help you calibrate your screen and provide better images;
  • Game Pass Widget: A way to discover new games and move on to where you left off in your previous games;
  • Controller Strip: Who never connected their computer to a TV and had to navigate with a keyboard and mouse just to run games? The idea is that this new bar will appear automatically when you connect the Bluetooth controller, providing access to the shortcuts and performing some functions directly via the joystick.


Microsoft Edge game enhancements

While the browser is not the most gaming-related tool when we think about it, Microsoft has also said that the Edge will have some interesting features. These include Clarity Boost, which improves image quality in xCloud games, a new gaming section dedicated to gaming updates and tutorials, and more.

Other cool news is the tab for playing classic titles like Solitaire, Asteroids (from Atari), Jewel and many more. Finally, the company also commented that every time a player runs a game on their own computer, Edge will reduce resource consumption so as not to disrupt the game.


Project Moorcroft is one of the first for the future

Who has already participated in BGS or other gaming events and played a few games that were on the exhibition floor, heard advice from developers and had the opportunity to hear a suggestion on what they were playing? Unfortunately, the pandemic has lost us a lot and Microsoft wants to come up with a very cool solution.

Project Moorcroft wants to place demos and builds on the Xbox Game Pass in the early stages of development so that people can play and provide feedback to the title team. This is a chance to enjoy new games and help the team improve the product.


However, developers still have an advantage: games that will debut on Project Moorcroft will be rewarded financially, as well as a chance for more visibility of their projects. Moorcroft’s debut is scheduled for 2023.

xbox gift

According to Phil Spencer at the virtual briefing of the pre-show, the Xbox division is in a very good place in terms of software and hardware. Spencer said he is pleased with the Xbox console market share (and believes the team is trying to release two consoles at once to achieve great things) and says he is pleased with the ratings and awards for the Games of the Year. As Age of Empires IV, Halo Infinite And Forza Horizon – In addition to enjoying a variety of genres among these games.

Another issue raised by executives is how the PC Game Pass grows: Phil Spencer says the PC Game Pass has grown by 300% over the past year, an impressive number, but which, according to the head of Xbox, is still a long way off. High goal he hopes to become a platform in the future.


Speaking on PC, Spencer commented on how the company wanted to break through the PC gaming barrier and offer solutions such as the Microsoft Store and services for PC gamers. Garrett West later said the team is always listening to fan feedback and plans to improve the digital distribution of games there as well. One example given was working on a platform to download games faster.

Currently, the Xbox ecosystem has more than 100 million players, and Microsoft wants to continue to diversify content and players of all ages and enjoy the different platforms that the company preaches in providing access, be it cloud or resource, to integrate PCD people.


According to Phil Spencer, the company is also trying to diversify what is inside the home, bringing in different cultures and people that add to the decision-making that is public and Microsoft presents data, shows progress – and that has also not evolved. To the head himself, who says: “This is not a destination, this is a trip. A journey to improvement. “

In addition, to create a secure environment and prevent toxic people from aligning with the company’s values, the Xbox Division works with other Microsoft departments to prevent bad content and block hate messages using artificial intelligence (many bad content does not even reach players) .

The future of the Xbox

The present is successful, but what lies ahead? According to Phil Spencer, this is a strategy to maintain and focus on investing in xCloud (and Game Pass) and first-party games, which can be very exciting for brand fans. One of the games that the boss is most excited about is Starfield.

xCloud has been one of the company’s major innovations in recent years, and, according to virtual briefing data, there are many new players on the Xbox platform due to access to more devices. One of the executives revealed Ashley McKissick Until xCloud is scheduled to work with more games that gamers already own or purchase (as long as they are cloud compatible and Ultimate subscribers)The current model is being developed where only Game Pass titles can be played.


The Xbox is currently expanding to xCloud TVs as well as two new countries: Argentina and New Zealand. To accommodate more and more players in the ecosystem, Ashley said Microsoft is investing in server power and technologies that will reduce the time it takes to enter a cloud game.

The idea is to continue to develop what worked, which is to have multiple solutions for different audiences, be it computers, consoles, TVs or mobile devices like cell phones and tablets. What Phil Spencer wants to predict for the future, over the next 20 years of the Xbox, is a platform that will add even more users and reach a billion players.

What about Bethesda and Activision-Blizzard game exclusivity?

Two big breakthroughs in the history of the Xbox are the acquisitions of industry giants: Bethesda and Activision-Blizzard. This has caused a great deal of controversy among fans of the brand as to whether their favorite games would become Microsoft exclusive. The answer is: it depends.

“The last thing we want to do is take a franchise with fans around the world and take it away from them,” said Matt Buti, head of Xbox Game Studios, at the briefing. Minecraft Which did not become an exclusive game even after Microsoft acquired Mojang.

However, some games in the future will be exclusive to the Xbox ecosystem, as we have seen Starfield a little while ago. No specific examples were given, but given Matt Butt’s comment tenor, maybe big franchises like Devil, ძCollection of duty, Knocked down, overwatch And other examples may (but still are unclear) continue to be a platform.

The Xbox + Bethesda Showcase will take place next week, June 12, and will feature several new games and services from Microsoft. Voxel provides full coverage Brazilian time from 13:00. In addition, the second play will be on Tuesday, June 14th where more details will be revealed on Sunday! Follow Voxel on social media and YouTube to stay ahead of everything!

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