The founder of the studio at the end of the rebellion of the franchise

Ian Bell, founder of Slightly Mad Studios, did not like Electronic Arts’ closure of the Project Cars franchise at all. In an outburst on social media, the developer’s former executive commented on the decision and was not happy.

The publisher’s strategy should affect the routine of 160 employees as they will be assigned specific roles at other affiliated studios. The question alarmed Bell, prompting him to strike a critical tone, questioning how Fifa’s publisher sees the numbers.

EA, keep up the awesomeness…I’ve said my part and stand by every word as they continue to prove it. How do these numbers (sorry, I mean people with hopes and dreams and families) look at the bottom of these tables?

Beyond the past project cars

It should be remembered that this is not the first public disagreement between the founder of the studio and EA. In 2017, Bell detailed how he negotiated with the company to release the Shift arc from Need for Speed. He said the third game was canceled without warning, even after $1.5 million had been funded and pre-production had begun.

Additionally, he comments that Electronic Arts “stole” employees from Slightly Mad Studios. “They sent an email to three, four, five of our employees. and two of whom went away because we were in need. We had nothing else. Let’s finish it. “They literally destroyed our company, tried to kill us, tried to steal our technology,” he explains (via VGC).

These guys are idiots. We don’t respect EA. I will never do business with them again, no respect for them, they are horrible people, they are corporate monsters.

The conflict with the publisher remains even when the executive does not take an active role in the developer. In October 2021, Bell decided to leave Slightly Mad Studios, saying it was time to part ways, “the future of the studio is now secure”.

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