The former Xbox vice president is reading the Game Pass impact on the industry

Ed Fries fears games are facing the same fate that Spotify has brought to the music world

One of those behind the original Xbox release, Ed Fries, recently expressed concern about its impact. Game The pass Can bring industry wide. According to the former president of the brand publishing house, The service can completely change users’ access to gamesIn the same way that Spotify Made with music.

Appearing on the Xbox Expansion, Fries said he is “afraid” of the opportunities that will bring the system success. For him, this can create a future in which people No more buying games And rely exclusively on subscriber systems to gain access to a huge catalog.

As the executive explained, the same thing happened with the music world that currently dominates Spotify. He argues that while this would provide greater access to users, Brought several losses to musicians and recording companies – What he fears can happen in the gaming industry as well.

Fries says the Xbox Game Pass makes him nervous

The comment about the Game Pass came at a time when Ed Fries was asked what would change the Xbox’s current strategy – to which he replied that the system “makes him nervous”. “Because there is an analogue called Spotify that was created for the music business … and when Spotify took control, it destroyed the music business.He explained.

I mean, he literally halved his annual income from the music business and forced people to stop buying songs.”, Continued Fries. “So we have to be careful not to create the same system in the gaming business. I mean, these markets are more fragile than people realize“.

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While the executive’s points are valid, they ignore it Today, the music market is worth about $ 25.9 billion – A figure that was $ 15 billion at the time of Spotify’s debut. In addition, while digital music is the dominant medium, Recently, markets such as vinyl sales have re-emerged And help ensure the songs are saved in physical format.

While Microsoft claims that Game Pass has helped sell games, this is not always the case: Furi developers have said they will not release an update to the platform due to their low sales of its game on it.. As they explained to Waypoint, small games that do not go directly to the service are increasingly experiencing Possibility of complete lining.

With over 25 million subscribers worldwide, The system has proven to be a huge success for Microsoft and has inspired the actions of competing companies.. This week, Sony released a new version of the PlayStation Plus in Asia that provides access to an extensive catalog of titles. PS4, PS5 And classics PS1 And PS2 – However, the company says it has no plans to bring its Big Day 1 release service as a way to maintain their valuation and sustainability.


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