The former Xbox executive says he fears the impact of the Game Pass

Ed X-Fries, former vice president of Xbox Games Publishing, said he was concerned about the impact of the Game Pass on the gaming market.

Fries was part of the original Xbox team, working at Microsoft until 2004. He was one of the first to help build Microsoft’s gaming division and create the company’s first console.


Invited to the Xbox Expansion Pass, Fries expressed his thoughts on what he would do to stay with the company to this day. The response showed the management’s concern about the directions in which the Game Pass could take over the gaming market and use the music industry to draw parallels.

“Game Pass I’m scared of because there ‘s something similar, called Spotify, created for the music industry,” said Fries, who explains in more detail. “When Spotify flew in, it destroyed the music industry, literally halving the music industry’s annual revenue. “It made people stop buying music.”

“People do not buy music on the iPhone, for example, why do they do it? They are all in the subscriber service app. Apple has said they will stop buying songs because no one will buy them anymore. And it did not stop there: “I saw the gaming industry collapse in the early 1980s. I saw the educational software business collapse in the mid-1990s, they literally destroyed a multi-billion dollar business in a few years.”

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He concluded: “That’s why Game Pass makes me nervous. As a user, I love it. I love Spotify as a user, I have all the music I want, it’s good as a user. But that’s not necessarily good for the industry. ”

However, he revealed that the impact of the Game Pass, which has 25 million subscribers, is still far from what we see on Spotify, at 128 million, mainly because the number of games within the service is still quite limited. However, he warned about the path of the gaming industry.

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