The former Xbox executive fears the possible impact of the Game Pass

Microsoft is slowly expanding its Xbox division services, offering players an extensive catalog of games at a monthly price, as well as the ability to play games without the need for a new generation console or super powerful computer.

While many believe the innovations offered by the Redmond giant are fantastic and give us a foresight of the future of the gaming industry, others are more skeptical and believe that if platforms become unique, they could mean the end of video games like we do. Know them today, day by day.

Although Microsoft has managed to make many improvements to the Xbox Game Pass, including a few major releases in its service catalog, many developers still do not consider the model favorable for their release and prefer to maintain sales exclusivity for at least some time.

In an interview with the Xbox Expansion Pass, Ed Fries – who was part of the original Xbox team and worked for the company until 2004 – was “scared” of the possible side effects of the Game Pass if he became a model. Industry like Spotify has become into the music business.

Fries worries that if the Xbox becomes the industry leader, people will stop buying games, which will have very negative consequences for artists and the industry as a whole.

The Game Pass I’m scared of because there is something similar to something called Spotify that was created for the music business.

When Spotify took off, it destroyed the music business, literally halving the music business’s annual revenue. This made people just no longer buy music.

People do not buy music on the iPhone, for example, why you? They are all in your subscriber service app. Apple has said it will stop buying music because no one else is buying it.

So we have to be careful not to create the same system in the gambling business. These markets are more fragile than people realize. I saw the collapse of the gaming industry in the early 80s. I saw the collapse of the educational software business in the mid-90s … they literally destroyed a multibillion-dollar market in a matter of years.

Sony has already talked several times about how it would be detrimental for it to get a model like the Game Pass, as it will have to drastically reduce its gaming budget in order not to lose money when launching a subscriber service.

We do not yet know how things will turn out in the future, but it is clear that Microsoft has shaken structures and has already begun to change the perspective of users and developers.

So, do you think the game industry should change according to the Game Pass?

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