The former president of Sony Worldwide Studios talks about the importance of indie games for PlayStation

Independent titles, better known as indie games, have a growing presence in the gaming world. Who has never taken a chance on a lesser-known title and been impressed? This thought is not only in the minds of players, but also in the minds of several developers, who in many cases leave the giants in the world of video games and decide to create their own titles, usually with a small team and a low budget.

In Brazil, for example, indies are becoming increasingly popular, mainly because these games are more accessible to the public, unlike Triple-A games that cost more than R$300 at launch. Since Tupiniquin lands, iGaming has also conquered its space, and leovegas’ analysis shows that the platform is among the community’s favorites, mainly for its application, which has various games designed specifically for mobile, thus achieving simulation with great fidelity. Gaming tables on a mobile screen, not to mention live dealers that increase player immersion.

And who better to talk about the rise of indie games than Shuhei Yoshida? He was once the all-powerful president of Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios, but now heads the Japanese developer’s indie titles initiative. Voxel, a portal that specializes in games and technology, recently conducted an interview with the executive, where he clarified some questions regarding PlayStation’s current moment regarding indie titles.

The difference between AAA and independents

The first question the executive was asked was how he feels about leaving Triple-A games to head independent productions. According to Yoshida, it’s obviously amazing to work with big-budget games because they spend three to eight years working with hundreds of people to develop impressive games. However, Triple-A requires a lot of patience because the whole process of their production is very slow.

Meanwhile, while indie games also take a long time to prepare, there are hundreds of developers doing different things. However, according to Yoshida, he is always surprised by something new and interesting.

Also, people who create independent games are always happy and happy to present their projects to someone. Thus, the executive notes that he is also happy to provide feedback to the producers. Yoshida points out that the big difference between AAA and indies is quantity, as there is a huge variety of titles produced by independent developers. Because of this, he has fun every day of the year and helps these people with their feedback.

PlayStation is keeping an eye on the indies

Yoshida was also asked what fans can expect from PlayStation when it comes to indie games. In response, the executive noted that collaborating with developers has become much easier these days. Especially with easy-to-access tools like Unreal and Unity, where developers simply download one of these software and start producing their games.

With this, even solo developers can create impressive titles. As an example, Yoshida cites “Inscryption,” a title he’s a fan of and was created by just one person who lives in Canada. Nevertheless, Inscryption influenced the entire gaming industry, the magic behind it was that it could have been created from Brazil or Japan. Because of this, PlayStation wants to make it easier for developers to create and release their titles so that they can only worry about the development part, while the Japanese company eliminates as much complexity as possible and thus releases more games on its platform.

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