The former CEO of Nintendo USA says that he released the Game Boy Micro against his will

Reggie Fils-Aimé says the laptop was unnecessary given the company’s strategy at the time

Prior to that he was publicly associated with Nintendo, with former Nintendo of America CEO Reggie Phils-Aime revealing more Backstage details of his time at the helm of the company. On the pages of a book “Game Breakdown: From the Bronx to Nintendo Peaks“, – said the executive power Game Boy Advance released in Micro Stores in 2005 against his will.

According to Fils-Aime, The decision was made by Nintendo’s Japanese division and was a testament to the “isolated thinking” that the company maintained.. At the time, he was working as the company’s vice president of sales and marketing and was planning a big Black Friday sale at Game Boy Advance to deplete supplies as the focus shifted to the Nintendo DS.

Fils-Aimé says the existence of the Micro model surprised him, Because the project was only reported to Nintendo North America when their plans for the last major promotion of the GBA had already begun. “From my point of view, the Game Boy Micro concept was something that should not even be started.“- The executive writes in his book.

Reggie is a big critic of GBA Micro

The equipment was particularly small. Not only was the control difficult for an adult of any reasonable size, but the screen was also small. This contradicted the current trends in consumer electronics about screen enlargement.“, Continues Fils-Aimé.

Reggie says he has had serious discussions with other Nintendo executives, Which states that the company should work more integrated into product development. He said The company should have decided not to bring the GBA Micro to the West Or to complete the project as a whole, as it was to divert attention from its strategy, focusing on the Nintendo DS at the time.

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Lesson: Company management needed constant communication about our priorities. As President, my solution was to set up weekly executive meetings to discuss my top priorities and our progress in each.“, – explained the executive. He said while The decision was not well made at first, it brought great benefits to the manufacturerAllowing him to more clearly and objectively define his future plans and priorities.


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