The first images of Age of Empires 2 for Xbox have been released

Microsoft has reiterated that its goal is to make the game accessible to console users

Age of Empires creative director Adam Isgreen was a special guest on The Official Xbox Podcast last week and introduced a series of new additions to the hit franchise for gamers on Microsoft’s console.. On the 25th anniversary of the series, the developers have confirmed some news about the video game.

Xbox Game Studio is committed to ensuring that players perform well compared to the desktop version

During his participation, he released never-before-seen footage of Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition running on Xbox.. It allows fans of the franchise to see how they can expect the game to play out on Microsoft’s console. Among the main clues is the difference in the game’s interface, which appears to be significantly different from what can be seen in the PC version.

Availability priority for consoles

Knowing how difficult it would be to select an army as it is on PC, Adam says that this type of game action was designed to give console players a slightly more fluid gameplay. In this way, he said, it will be possible to immediately select units, workers and buildings at the bottom of the screen.

Another major gameplay change for consoles is when it shows a menu for grouping items. Previously, this function was limited to the F key on the keyboard. Now, it only takes a few clicks to get where users want to go, whether it’s by grouping or upgrading in-game buildings.

During the podcast presentation, Adam was keen to point out how Xbox Game Studio is designed to make players perform well compared to the desktop version. On console, he argues, players are more like a commander than on PC, where they have to manage tasks individually.

Do you want an example? In the Xbox version of Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition, villagers automatically go to the nearest odd job. In this way, it is different from the computer version, where you need to send them individually to complete certain tasks to continue mining the map’s resources.

Details provided by Age of Empires’ creative director revealed that accessibility for console players is one of Microsoft’s top priorities in developing the Xbox version. While the keyboard is the ultimate and most recommended way to play an RTS, they don’t want the controls to be a factor that diminishes the quality of the game for users.

Last week there was some news about Age of Empires. Age of Empire 2 Definitive Edition and Age of Empires 4 will be released on Microsoft consoles in 2023. The former is expected to be available to all players from January 31 next year. They will be coming to both Xbox Cloud Gaming and Xbox Game Pass.

Age of Empires has been announced for mobile

Age of Empires has been announced for mobile
Microsoft announced the news during the game’s anniversary show


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