The first gameplay of the new Need for Speed ​​has been leaked online

The game combines realistic visuals with various stylized effects.

Although Electronic Arts has already confirmed that a new installment in the Need for Speed ​​series will debut soon, so far it has Official material about the game has not been published. However, this did not prevent A A small fragment of the game was leaked on the Internet and has already been shared on platforms such as Reddit.

At just three seconds long, the video doesn’t reveal a lot of gameplay details, but Shows interesting details about your visual style. Previous reports hinted that the title could bet on anime-inspired effects and overlays appearing here Highlight moments of player failure.

In the screenshot released by Need for Speed, a Chevrolet Bel Air tries to go through a giant ring, but fails. When this happens, in addition to the screen presence Shot with a cartoon-like effectA. will also appear Small skull icon and wings before the video is cut.

Need for Speed ​​should combine realism with stylized effects

The way the game is presented is consistent with the reports of the VentureBeat website, which in April of this year already said that the project Combine realistic visuals with stylized effects. Electronic Arts’ aim will be to differentiate the series from other competitors in the market, taking advantage of past connections with the world of graffiti and other movements belonging to the underground.

The new Need for Speed ​​celebrates Studio Criterion’s return to helm the series And its release was originally planned for the end of 2021. However, Electronic Arts has decided postponed for a year As the developer in charge to help DICE complete the development of Battlefield 2042.

The expectation is that more details about the game will be revealed soon, especially considering that Many rumors claim that it will be released next November. Like the distributor’s other recent games, the new Need for Speed ​​is set to leave older consoles, receiving versions only PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and Pracha.

Fan remake of Need For Speed ​​​​3: Hot Pursuit in Unreal Engine 5 with original models

Fan remake of Need For Speed ​​​​3: Hot Pursuit in Unreal Engine 5 with original models
The new lighting gives impressive results that will make you want to play the classics


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Source: Eurogamer, Reddit


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