The engineer creates the world’s largest working Xbox Series X.

Giant Xbox Series X vs Super Thin PlayStation 5

After an impressive project of a super thin PlayStation 5 with liquid cooling system, now someone else is creating The largest working Xbox Series X in the world so far. Created by a giant console Engineer Michael Peak is much larger than a mini-refrigerator based on the same console.

Wood has a super Xbox Height more than 2 meters And, yes, it works. The video on Michael Peak’s channel shows the whole process of creating the world’s largest Xbox Series X, which is About 600% larger Than the Microsoft console. In addition to being more than 2 meters tall, it has an “Xboxzão” Width 1 meter and weight 113.4 kg. In December last year, the engineer’s work was recognized in the Guinness Book of Records.

To make the Mega XSX work, Michael embedded a giant Xbox Series X in the giant shell. Some engines and cables are in contact with physical buttons, such as turning on the console and removing the drive, for example. The actual console is stored in an easily accessible drawer for any maintenance. The engineer even made ports on the back of the console. He just needed to invent giant and functional cables for these ports.

The giant Xbox Series X then went to the base of one of the world’s largest YouTube channels, ZHC, to paint and then hand over the YMCA Youth and Adolescent Center, a place that promotes sports and exercise practices for children. , Adults and young people. In the video, children even experience Michael Peak’s creations in the facility.

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Michael loves to do something bigger or smaller. By 2020, it has created the world’s smallest working desktop computer. Even the smallest MacBook has a mission. Going back to super creativity, last year the engineer introduced the world’s largest operating Nintendo Switch.

He already has two Guinness World Records certificates, the first of which was the world’s largest nerf weapon, and now the giant Xbox Series X. I have no doubt that the giant PlayStation 5 will be the next project of Michael Peak.

YouTuber creates PS5 Slim less than 2 inches thick

YouTuber creates PS5 Slim less than 2 inches thick
The project uses an outdoor water cooling system


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