The Enemy – Review in progress: The Splatoon 3 Campaign is the best tutorial in gaming

Get early access Platoon 3 The multiplayer rooms are also a little sad without a player, but not without purpose.

Like its predecessors, the third title in the series features a campaign mode, the main purpose of which is to teach the mechanics and weapons that players need to understand before entering the competitive arena of Splatlands. On paper, it’s just a guide; But in practice, the campaign exudes creativity and ingenuity on a level that puts many full games to shame.

Unable to play Splatoon 3 online during the pre-launch trial, I put about 12 hours into completing the story with all its collectibles and secret objectives. Verdict: If the campaign is a true showcase for the rest of the experience, Splatoon 3 should be a familiar game, but far more ambitious than its predecessor.

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controls the new Agent 3 from New Squidbeak SplatoonThe player begins the journey in the same way as in the previous games: recruited to find a mission. Great Zapfish, which feeds the electrical grid of civilization. However, after a few introductory phases, a few twists bring the true scope of the campaign to the fore.

Agent 3 must explore the various islands of an underground station called Switch. It’s a curious setting: monuments such as the moai on Easter Island fill the scene, set against a huge rocket launch pad.

Alterna works in the same way as Peach Castle Super Mario 64, hiding not only the entrances to the scenes, but also collectibles and other secrets. New paths are opened with the help of Smallfree, the hero’s small companion, who manages to consume a deadly goo that covers the entire scenario.

Splatoon 3’s campaign focuses on the base campaigns of its predecessors and has a lot of different stages, and it lives up to that. Octo extension in Platoon 2Although it has fewer stages and is more aimed at players who are looking for a new challenge level.

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The core landscape-painting mechanic that permeates all of Splatoon’s competitive modes also works very well in platforming stages, as Splatoon 3’s campaign proves convincingly.

Everything is very intuitive: you paint the floor and walls with your paint so you can explore the scenery more freely, and you soon discover that the same mechanics work for a lot of other things. e.g.

Each level in Splatoon 3 forces players to learn specific game mechanics through hard work in order to advance. The list of things players will become familiar with throughout the campaign ranges from simple things like jumping to advanced techniques like controlling the sights of the Bamboozler 14 Mk I, which is a type of sniper rifle.

The feeling that you are in a glorified guide is palpable – but the scheme works. Instead of learning by reading text boxes describing commands like in many other games, the player learns things by being rewarded.

In addition to items that can enhance Agent 3 in the campaign mode, Alterna also hides cosmetics to customize the player’s wardrobe and files that reveal more than expected about the world of the Splatoon franchise and make the experience fun even for veterans. .

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While this is just a taste of the full game, Splatoon 3’s campaign gives the player access to many new weapons and special powers not found in previous titles, such as a bow that fires three explosive Tri-Stringer arrows and the Crab Tank Crab War. . All of them fit seamlessly into the core mechanics of the series, and it’s not hard to see how using them in multiplayer combat would work.

But when it comes to the campaign in particular, what impresses most is not the new gadgets, but the ingenious ways in which the series developers still manage to surprise using only the core mechanics of the series.

Example: On the second island of Alterna there is a level that takes place in a maze. Those who understand the mechanics of painting well will soon realize that instead of walking through the maze beyond the exit, it is possible to paint a wall and scroll through all the dead ends of the map. But here’s a surprise: upon reaching the other side, the player activates a button that forces the maze to remain vertical. To complete the level, he must climb the path he just crossed.

And therein lies the genius of the level: a player who respected the maze and walked through the corridors certainly painted the floor of the course, naturally creating an easy climb to the end of the challenge. The player, who thought he was clever and jumped on the maze, was finally forced to do the most difficult thing: to find a way through the maze with his vertical. Of course, I was upset about it – but I couldn’t be mad because the creative team’s insight was so good. I had to lean back.

Not all levels are as tricky as this one, but many are – and solving them is very rewarding. Another moment that deserves to be mentioned but not described to preserve the surprise is the game’s epic final boss fight.

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Splatoon 3’s campaign is enjoyable, but it’s also the least important part of the complete package, which focuses on both competitive and co-op online modes.

I’ll reserve my full judgment until a moment after the game’s official release, but I already feel comfortable saying that Splatoon 3 is in no way a product of the franchise’s lack of creativity. On the contrary: it’s proof that he still has a lot to offer.

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