The end of the Xbox Series S? Studios will try to “abandon” the console Xbox

The Xbox Series S, Microsoft’s entry-level console, is clearly not pleasing developers, according to a post by artist Ian McLure on his Twitter account. A professional who worked at Bossa Studios on the production of indie I Am Fish has said that several studios are trying to force Microsoft to waive the requirement that games released for the Xbox Series X be compatible with the more affordable model.

It should be remembered that part of the controversy started last week due to the statements of the artist Lee Devonald, the developer of Gotham Knights, which indicated the limitation of the potential of the next generation thanks to the Xbox Series S. Despite the claims, the console has been successful in the market and was in higher demand than the more powerful PlayStation 5 (PS5) and Xbox Series X models in some markets during last Black Friday.

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Xbox Series S ‘delays’ developers and studios want to finalize next-gen compatibility requirements — Photo: Reproduction/Xbox

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On his Twitter account, Rocksteady technical character artist Lee Devonald addressed user complaints about Gotham Knights only running at a frame rate of 30fps, without the “Performance” mode at 60fps. Lee noted that he wanted gamers to understand that limiting themselves to the lowest refresh rate means giving up a lot to make the game run faster.

He then pointed out that the compromises had to be made because of the Xbox Series S, blaming the console’s graphics card: “a whole generation of games tied to that potato.” After the controversy, the posts were deleted by the author.

Veteran journalist Jeff Gerstman took to his Twitter account on the matter, saying that he sees no reason to claim that the Xbox Series S will hurt games, since most of them are also released for PC, where a much wider variety of configurations need to be covered. . At this point, artist Ian McLure joined the conversation with reports of developer displeasure.

According to the developer, there is dissatisfaction that the Xbox Series S offers limitations in the production of next-generation games — Photo: Reproduction/Xbox Wire

According to Ian, the Xbox Series S was considered the “albatross” of the production barrier for the past year, and now that companies are fully focused on the next generation of consoles, they do not want to repeat the cycle. The artist said that there have been more comments recently regarding the limitations of the Xbox Series S, as many studios are holding meetings with Microsoft to try to remove the console’s compatibility requirement.

It’s important to note that despite the controversy, the introduction of a cheaper input console aimed at lower performance and resolution appears to have been a huge success for Microsoft. On Black Friday 2021, the Xbox Series S was the best-seller in several key markets, beating out the rival PlayStation 5 (PS5), the Nintendo Switch, which sells in the same price range, and the even more powerful Xbox Series X.

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