The Elden Ring requires minimal study of its map

Most of the content in the game can be viewed at will

The first open world game developed by From Software, The Elden Ring contains a richly sized map, full of hidden secrets. However, players who just want to get to the end of the main adventure do not need to Examine at least half of the scenarios Created by the developer.

A post by Reddit user Spicy_Slice shows this You only have to visit a small part of the game world to access the credits screen – This without any Speedrun equipment. This is because in practice the game only requires the purchase of two large runes before granting access to one. A secret area that hides your latest challenges.

To follow the “critical path” of the Elden Ring, you need to have some knowledge of his world, as the shortest paths are not always naturally revealed to players. Clearly, doing so creates players We need to highlight some selective content of the gameIncluding equipment and side stories to help you enrich your world.

The road may be even shorter

According to Spicy_Slice in the comments to the post, The critical path of the Elden Ring can be made even shorter if some of its shortcuts are used. Some of the ruined portals allow you to pass through a large part of the Lurnia region and defeat enemies known as Iron Virgins, allowing you to quickly send the game to the volcanic palace of the game.

Other contributions to this topic show that, Along with other shortcuts and teleportations, the game requires less world exploration to complete. Some comparisons argue that in practice, the duration of the main game is not different from what it would take, for example, to complete a game in the Souls series.

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The Elden Ring Coliseum has details and even an arena where gladiators and beasts are

The Elden Ring Coliseum has details and even an arena where gladiators and beasts are
Map Editor made it possible to discover content about a place

With more than 13.4 million copies sold as of March 31 this year, The Elden Ring has already become the most commercial success in the history of From Software. While the game continues to inspire some speed and tries to complete it in an unusual way, The developer continues to work with Bandai Namco to fix the bugs And apparently also already planning to create future additional content for the game.


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Source: VG 24/7, Reddit


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