The Elden Ring map was changed with correction patches

The changes are missing from the patch update log

The Elden Ring had a difficult run in terms of performance and balance. Several patches have already been released that solve problems, And also changes the world of the Midlands. The illusory wall of the YouTube channel showed in the video that FromSoftware has made some changes to the entire map.

The changes are more reflected on the map than on the world itself

If you look at each patch update logs, none of them mention changes in the Elden Ring world. Limgrave, the first large open area that a player enters as soon as they leave the cave, has undergone minor changes. These changes are different rock positions, more defined trails and a few specific locations.

A large part of the rocky coastline was drawn into the sea west of the map. Although inaccessible, the part that once looked like a fish tail is no more. This map has been updated and describes in detail other areas that you might have easily missed earlier, such as the location of the NPC Big Boggart and its surroundings, which were lacking in detail, as well as the bridge and burial mounds on the slopes that serve as platforms. Safe access.

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For his part, Kaelid did not make a significant change. The Altus Plateau, where Mount Gelmir is located and the capital is Leiden, has undergone minor changes to the map, the largest of which is a plot of land that has been added from one plot to another.

The last two regions of the game, Mountaintops of Giants, Snowy Region and Haligtree, have also changed. Especially a haligree whose entire environment has changed, at least on the map. Unfortunately, there are no locations before and after, as almost no one expected changes.

The video also compares the regions to a closed network test conducted in November last year. Compared to this building, many changes have been made. And this is obvious because the game was still in development. The comparison shown in the video is between patches 1.02, 1.03 and 1.04.

FromSoftware has previously made changes without notice. General Radan, one of the main bosses, was “nerfed” in patch 1.03 and received the patch just to fix the giant.

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The Elden Ring, which has sold over 13 million copies, is available for PC, Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

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