The EA app is in beta and should replace Origin soon

The app promises to be faster, more reliable and easier to use than Electronic Arts’ previous solution

After spending months in the beta testing phase, Electronic Arts’ EA App officially debuts this Friday (7). According to the company, the app is aimed at Completely replace Origin on Windows systemsProvides gamers with a new base to access and purchase their PC games.

The origin must continue to exist in a more limited way, suggested as The company’s flagship solution for Mac users. According to the company, the new app is “Faster, more reliable and offers a more direct gaming experiencethan the previously proposed solution.

In addition to allowing access to the catalog that was already purchased in the old launcher, the EA app promises Profile integration with Xbox, PlayStation and Steam stores. The platform promises features such as automatic downloads of purchased content and the ability to perform background updates while the game is running.

EA will be sending you Origin “Change Invitations” soon.

In its official statement, Electronic Arts said it was working Make it as easy as possible to switch to a new application. According to him, Origin users should soon start receiving an “invitation to change” and when they open the EA app they Find all games already purchased and installed on your device.

Your local and cloud storage will continue, ensuring you can pick up where you left off. Your friends lists will also be carried over so you don’t have to worry about remembering all your player IDs“- they promise us in the company. Even during the beta phase, the application has already concentrated several important functions such as Limited time trials offered with EA Play subscription.

The new platform is launched on the same day Electronic Arts has confirmed that the Dead Space reboot will not require an additional launcher in your version of Steam. It is still unclear if this is a new philosophy that the developer is following or if the horror game is an exception in the future plans for PC.

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