The DualSense Edge is coming to Brazil for R$1,449

The new DualSense Edge controller, which offers a more professional gaming experience with the PS5, is already up for pre-order here in Brazil via Amazon.

Sony’s new controller is scheduled to ship on December 29th and 30th and brings a variety of features that further enhance gaming with the console.

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DualSense Edge brings the full PS5 experience

The new DualSense Edge controller was launched by Sony as an evolution of the already acclaimed DualSense and brings some improvements over the standard model. One of them is the ability to create custom controls so that the player can adjust according to the type and style of the game.

“Built on high performance and customization, the DualSense Edge wireless controller invites you to create your own experience to play your way.”

Among these customization options are analog control skins, command buttons, and general settings. This makes it possible to adjust the sensitivity of the analog controls to make aiming easier and even the depth of the triggers to give the player a faster command response. By creating several profiles, the control offers the possibility to choose the ideal profile for each game in a simple and easy way.

The rear buttons can also be configured, providing more control options and ensuring that the player always has the buttons for important actions within easy reach. The analog control modules can be changed to choose different aiming and movement options, or even for response type or weapon use in games.

DualSense Edge

Aside from customization, another highlight of the DualSense Edge is that it also provides more immersion in the game with adaptive triggers and tactile responses related to in-game actions or the character’s environment. And yet it is possible to configure the vibration intensity.

The new DualSense Edge was developed in partnership with professional gamers and game developers, providing powerful insights to improve what was already good.

“You can make the DualSense Edge your own with three sets of analog stick covers and two sets of back buttons. All of this comes with a carrying case that even allows the controller to be charged via a USB connection, ensuring you’re always ready for your next gaming session.

Pre-order in Brazil via Amazon

DualSense Edge

For those who want to protect themselves, the DualSense Edge can now be pre-ordered through Amazon’s website by clicking here. The price at the moment is R$ 1449.90 in cash or R$ 144.99 in 10 installments. As a reminder, those with an Amazon Prime subscription are entitled to free shipping on purchases.

The site estimates delivery between December 29th and 30th, and they don’t say if units are limited or not, but if you want to guarantee it, it’s best not to risk it.

Contents of the DualSense Edge package

  • DualSense Edge wireless controller
  • Braided USB cable
  • 2 standard covers
  • 2 high rounded cover
  • 2 low rounded cover
  • 2 semi-rounded back buttons
  • 2 rear lever type buttons
  • connector section
  • Carrying bag

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