The Diablo Immortal character maximum can cost over $ 500,000

New calculations show Blizzard game brings even more options in draining players’ wallets

After Immortal Diablo Released, several calculations showed You have to spend a lot of money To get the best updates in the game. A new discovery shows that while the estimated $ 110,000 was right up to the character maximum, In practice, this amount can easily exceed 500 thousand USD.

Blizzard’s new game with NetEase features a series of legendary gems with a maximum rating of 5 stars and The only way to get them is to be lucky in the updated Rifts With at least a dozen legendary gems (which are usually worth the money). The chance of getting a higher quality gemstone is only 1% when these conditions are met, which means Each attempt costs a minimum of $ 25 (Each gemstone costs $ 2.50).

While previous calculations were that you would have to spend about $ 100,000 before you could get the legendary gems on each available slot, This value is quadrupled thanks to the game mechanic. The player can “wake up” the legendary five-star gem Open 5 more slots that can be filled with other gems – to the appropriate degree of their rarity and renewal.

Diablo Immortal brings additional mechanics that can increase costs

Now that some people have started raising the maximum level of their gems (because yes, you also need to raise the level of these cursed items), it turns out that there is extra mechanics”, Explained Andrew DiisFounder of Carpe Fulgur Localization Studio. “You can wake up a five-pointed gem to give the item five extra gems.“.

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In addition to spending on gem mining, players can also invest in Diablo Immortal (paid) Eternal Orbs. Get the materials used in your upgrade. Calculations Made on reddit Show that Each gem upgrade cost a total of $ 180And the whole process can easily exceed $ 540,000 – unless the player is very unlucky.

Blizzard has not yet made an official comment on the matter, but it is important to note that It is possible to play the entire history of Diablo Immortal without purchasing any of its microtransactions.. However, when it comes to areas such as the PvP experience, it seems that not only does the company support players who pay for content, Prepared the game to be ready to get as much money as possible Those who want to open a wallet.

Requesting a refund at Diablo Immortal may reduce the key features of the game

Requesting a refund at Diablo Immortal may reduce the key features of the game
Refunds can turn your character into a ghost who can not enjoy the game


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