The Diablo creator disagrees with the path the series has taken

However, David Breivik says he is excited to see what Blizzard brings in the future.

The designer responsible for the creation Devil and Diablo II, David Breivik disagrees with the path the series has taken in its final chapters. However, he insists that Blizzard still managed to create a fun experience and that many should be excited about what it will bring to Diablo IV.

Well, that’s not the direction I’d go, but I have no choice. I left Blizzard and it’s their intellectual property so they can go in whatever direction they want.“, Brevik explained in an interview with PCGamesN. “I think they did a good job with Diablo and I look forward to the new products.“.

According to the designer, Diablo II ended up being an unfair comparison point for other games in the series, because it is full of nostalgia and good feelings. Also, given that it’s been 20 years since the title hit stores and the maturity of the gaming industry, it’s hard to imagine any other project being as revolutionary as the game was in its day.

Brevik does not approve of Diablo Immortal microtransactions

Brevik also stated that he doesn’t really approve of Diablo Immortal’s microtransaction systems, but admits that the game was well built. He also said that Diablo 3 has created a lot of goodwill in the fan communityReached millions of players who approved their systems.

Finally, new Blizzard products still have an intense and dedicated fan base.“- explained the designer. “These are always great events and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.“, he added. After leaving Blizzard in 2003, Breivik went through several studios, collaborating on the original version of Hellgate: London and created Marvel Heroes, a game canceled by Marvel that had a lot of inspiration from Diablo.

a little while ago, The creator announced that he will join the studio XD Inc. As a development consultant for Torchline: Infinite, a game that is already in early access on PC and mobile platforms. Interestingly, the series was created by designers Max Schaefer and Eric Schaefer, who also worked on Diablo and Diablo II before moving on to more independent work.

Diablo 4: Several hours of gameplay from the new beta has leaked online

Diablo 4: Several hours of gameplay from the new beta has leaked online
Many people invited by Blizzard are already sharing notes with details of the game’s endgame


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