The development of Abandoned is not over, but there are serious problems

Reports indicate that the game has undergone several changes, of course, and has not made significant progress.

Announced just a year ago, Abandoned attracted attention both by its proposal for survival and by its publication.. After a series of teasers and the release of a demo that did not have much content, It was suggested that the game did not exist – Something was denied by its chief designer, Hassan Kahraman.

A report published last Friday (3) by the GameSpot website last Friday states that while the game still exists, He has serious problems with lack of direction. According to the report, the title has already shifted from the experience of independent survival of a person trapped in a forest A story about artificial superintelligence and a tale about vampires.

As it turns out, there is no substantial evidence that Abandoned actually exists – though there is a long trail of nasty deals, uninspired leaks, and a chat room full of fans.“, – says GameSpot. Kahraman uses this media as a means of communicating directly with his most involved fans.Misleading them about the progress of development.

Creating a game is slow

Sources heard by the site also claim that the process of creating Abandoned is delayed and Kahraman maintains the position that a playable demo should first come out as a means of financing a project.. However, it seems the designer is in no hurry to create the experience, but continues to make promises that include hiring fans for part of the game.

Developer behavior is described as unstable: Reports say he shared images that allegedly belonged to the game, and if they were leaked or badly received, he went on to claim that they were fake and part of a “loyalty test”. Although the title seems to have returned to the original concept after a number of changes, So far there are no indications that work on it is progressing.

– Continues after advertising –

In a message posted on the PC Gamer website, Blue Box Studios said Abandoned is still in development. He attributes reports to GameSpot revelations.Out of context“In”Furious fans who have not seen the game“And they suggest about it. “One of them becomes a business partner“, – they say in the company.

The prologue will come out when we are ready. Let the speculations do not force us to “approve” the game.“- Conclude the message published from the studio. While the company maintains its position as a proponent of the project, the lack of news and its past history will only help to get more and more people A position of distrust towards him.

An abandoned developer starts deleting game support messages

An abandoned developer starts deleting game support messages
The evidence reinforces the impression that the horror game never really was


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Source: GameSpot, PC Gamer


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