The developers of Final Fantasy 16 were working on a game similar to Bloodborne

The developers of Final Fantasy 16 were working on a game similar to Bloodborne

The project was in development before the release of the FromSoftware title

The combination of Final Fantasy and Soul-like influences coming from FromSoftware games, we have already seen with Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins. However The developers of Final Fantasy 16 said they were working on a multiplayer game with a strong Bloodborne influence.FromSoftware PlayStation 4 Exclusive Action RPG.

Naoki Yoshida, Hiroshi Takai (director of Final Fantasy 16) and Hiroshi Minagawa said in the biweekly Famitsu column, “Yoshida Uncensored” (Ucensored Yoshida), that they were working on a “solid action game” translation. fan. . “It was like Bloodborne,” Takay said, adding that Yoshida added, “Yes, this is probably the closest example.”

Development of this game started before the release of Bloodborne, which happened in 2015. Hiroshi Minagawa said, “If we had continued and Bloodborne came out first, we would probably be angry now (laughs).”

Hiroshi Takai says the title “had the same weapons (swords and firearms) and was in the Gothic style.” Anyone who has played Bloodborne knows that the Gothic environment and firearms are a powerful feature of FromSoftware’s game.

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“We still had some sci-fi items out there (in the game). When I first saw Bloodborne, I thought, ‘Where have I seen this before …?'” Yoshida said. “If I think about it, I do not think our personal interests were not very dangerous (laughs),” he said.

The developers continue to say that the game will have a system similar to Evolve with asymmetric teams. “Basically it was Bloodborne, plus this system. If we kept moving forward, I think we would be working on it by this time (laughs),” Yoshida said. While Minagawa wonders what it would be like if they completed the project, Yoshida is very stressed in his response: “It would be a great failure.”

After the Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins performed poorly, the franchise’s next major title, Final Fantasy 16, is a challenge in the series’ innovation, while the second part of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake does not arrive.


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