The developer explains how the Xbox Game Pass can affect sales of indie games

A few days ago, The Game Bakers, the developer of Haven and Furi, were sharply criticized for not bringing the new Furi game DLC to the Xbox due to its low sales on the platform. As a result, he concluded that there would not be enough buyers on the platform to take advantage of the new expansion, so he completed its release only for other platforms.

“We hear from all of you who have played Furi Xbox and we hear your frustration. We are a small indie team and we could not find the time and budget to do this door. “

After the “rest” projects after Haven, they decided to release Furi’s DLC in 2022, but said it was not as easy as it seemed, especially for a team of just 12 people.

“Except for the new game design, code and assets [personagem]We needed to fully upgrade the old game on all platforms: upgrade engine, SDKs [kits de desenvolvimento de software]Intermediate program, all platform-specific content, check all these constructs, check the platform, and republish.

Speaking of sales in particular, the Furi was selling more and more on the Xbox and was below 1/3 of sales on the Nintendo Switch, making Nintendo video game considered one of the best selling places for indie games. For some reason the studio said they could not guarantee future promotions for Furi to raise awareness in the Xbox Store, and Haven “sold nothing” on the Xbox outside of their Xbox Game Pass partnership. The chart provided by them shows what sales were like with and without the Xbox Game Pass.

They have been working with the Xbox team to find out if there is any support for this issue, but their game does not fit the strategic proposition that the Xbox Game Pass is looking for (new titles).

“Unfortunately, without the Xbox Game Pass, it is also very difficult to see many indie games on the Xbox.”

The Furi game was also not excluded from the subscription, which was available upon launch on the PlayStation Plus. To compare the two services, PlayStation Plus paid 1/3 of Furi’s development, while Xbox Game Pass paid 1/4 of Haven. Even though it seems a bit, they are still grateful for it.

“Self-publishing is a different exercise than having an editor, of course. It gives us at least creative independence. But each game also requires a lot of business development and partnerships. We are still not getting enough money from our games to fully fund the next games. Especially since our games cost from 1.5 to 3 million euros [1,58 a 3,16 milhões de dólares] Should be developed. So we are grateful for the opportunities that partners like Sony or Xbox are giving us.

They also made available a sales schedule related to Furi. Based on the show, the PlayStation Plus also completed the impact on the game’s final sales and was very close to the Xbox. However, with the addition of the PlayStation Plus, the user base is much larger and ultimately justifies the release of the DLC on the PlayStation platform.

On the Xbox Game Pass service, they commented that they think it is really cool that there is an opportunity for more players to be interested in indie games, but unfortunately if they are not on the Game Pass, it is very difficult for the Xbox audience to see.

It is also suggested that the game design, which has Japanese influence, may have prompted the Xbox audience to sell more on platforms that have more to do with these types of games. Nevertheless, they feel that the game still has a very French mood.

And until the extension is available on the Xbox, we can see its release depending on how successful it is on other platforms.

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