The developer accuses Steam curators of manipulating reviews to use cheats

Cowcat claims that many profiles ask for game keys to resell them on platforms like G2A

Created by Valve as a way to boost Steam reviews The platform healer system can be used to deliver a hit. According to Cowcat, the developer responsible for Brok the InvestiGator, some are scammers Manipulating a resource as a means of obtaining overview keys which are directed to reseller sites.

In a series of messages on Twitter, the company announced that its latest game is in progress A target for negative reviews after it takes action against fraudsters. He explains that, curious about the behavior of some curators, he offered keys that only guaranteed access to the game’s prologue.

While many reviewers and curators have contacted the developer again to point out the problem (and received full version keys), this has not happened in all cases. Some curators posted reviews of the Brock Investigator claiming he had access to the full version.When this was clearly not the case – the company suspects that in these cases the requested copies were not redeemed, but c.For sale on sites like G2A.

Negative reviews will be revenge for Cowcat

The company believes that many of the negative reviews the game received were a result of its actions. He believes it Some scammers had to return the money they received from selling the keys that guaranteed access to the game’s prologue and, in response, decided to post negative reviews using generic terms such as “Broken gameplay“or”Lack of Poland“.

According to Cowcat, nine curators who left negative reviews Share characteristics such as belonging to the same administrator, was created on the same day and has a similar number of followers. In addition, the developer notes that Everyone had only one or two negative reviews in the history of their analysis.

After the repercussion of the developer’s messages, The curators appointed by him changed the reviews about Brok The InvestiGator And continued to praise the game. The company claims it has already reported the suspicious profiles to Valve and insists it will fix the problem Give all developers access to the Curator Connect system from Steam — which allows content creators to access trusted full games instead of relying on access keys.

Steam has banned NFTs to prevent fraud and suspicious behavior

Steam has banned NFTs to prevent fraud and suspicious behavior
Cryptocurrency payments are also blocked due to their volatility


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