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For those who want to buy games at a low price, the Xbox Store brought some exciting promotions this week. The title of three franchises Dark soulsE.g. Thus, the player can cope with this high level of difficulty, paying a little less. There are other discounts that are worth checking out, so check out the highlights.

Dark Souls 3 has FPS Boost on Xbox (Image: Handout / Bandai Namco)

Series Dark souls Three games are available on the Microsoft console. In addition to the already known complexity, the works bring a medieval environment, full of fantastic and scary creatures. The whole story is told in small phrases scattered around the world, which requires a great deal of investigation on the part of the player.

However, the focus goes on boss fights.

Each journey has its enemies, one more difficult than the previous. It asks the person to learn to use the movements well, to intensify the reaction and still take a deep breath to try again after the defeat.

In the current action, which Until July 13th, Dark Souls II: The First Sin Scholar And Dark Souls III Has a 75% discount. about this, Dark Souls Remastered Brings 50%, like the season pass of the third game.

Now, if you do not want to sweat over this From Software franchise, then there are other requirements that deserve your attention. Is an action called “Game Award Winners”, Which will last until July 4th.

RPG Disco Elysium: The Final Cut Is a 40% discount. This title brings a dense narrative that puts the player in the place of a detective in the midst of mysteries. The dialogues are awesome and very impressive.

Another good option Road 96, An indie game with a unique appearance and a story that goes a long way, full of interesting characters. It gives a sense of purposeless travel that is rarely seen around.

Finally, I must mention that it was an incredible experience It takes two. Adventures of two players at the same time is also available on Game Pass via EA Play, but if you have not subscribed to the service, we recommend that you consider launching it.

Discounts selected by Technoblog

title Discount Discount price
Dark Souls Remastered 50% BRL 90.00
Dark Souls II: The First Sin Scholar 75% BRL 37.25
Dark Souls III: Deluxe Edition 75% BRL 87.25
It takes two 60% BRL 79.60
Far 4 67% BRL 24.73
Dragon Ball FighterZ – FighterZ Edition 85% BRL 60.00
Grek: Memories of Azure 50% BRL 29.99
Royal Fashion: Salvation 75% BRL 32.25
Road 96 30% BRL 58.45
Disco Elysium: The Final Cut 40% BRL 93.04
Devil May Cry V + Vergil 67% BRL 44.76
Red Dead Redemption 2: Definitive Edition 65% BRL 174.98 * Live Gold Subscribers
Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights 30% BRL 88.90 * Live Gold Subscribers
Dead cells: The path of the sea bundle 30% BRL 85.71 * Live Gold Subscribers
Greedfall – Gold Edition 55% BRL 96.72 * Live Gold Subscribers
Trials Rising – Gold Digital Edition 70% BRL 29.98 * Live Gold Subscribers

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