The Cut Mario 64 scene has images revealed in an old Nintendo catalog

After months of searching, fans of the game have received more details about the content that was left out of the final version.

Like most games, Mario 64 had several planned phases during its development by Nintendo Never entered the finals. However, given the title’s influence and popularity, its fan community has spent years discovering more details about the content – A story that gained a new chapter last Wednesday (21).

In February of this year, the Render Archive fan group began searching social media for people who had access A catalog that Nintendo issued to its shareholders in 1996. It featured renders of the original version of the game, which reveal details of a An annoying theme level that never made it to the final version.

The Forest of Illusion website put together screenshots this week that demonstrate this Mario has to face a room full of enemies in the shape of giant eyes. The images come from a promotional video that Nintendo released in 1995, but it was lost over time.

The full catalog is available for download

In addition to promoting Mario 64 related images, Forest of Illusion has scanned every page of the old catalog and made it available for free download For all interested – Click here to access. Entirely in Japanese, it lists some of Nintendo’s hardware offerings for 1996, which included Super NESdifferent models Game boy And shameful virtual boy.

You can also view promotional images of the accessory Satellite viewA modem designed for the Super Famicom that was never officially released in the West. The Japanese company also publishes sales figures for its hardware and detailing his major initiatives at the timeincluding retail spaces The world of Nintendomagazine Nintendo Power and its telephone consultation service.

One of the games that marked the Nintendo 64’s debut, Mario 64 One of the most influential games in history and helped define many of the rules that 3D adventure games still follow today.. The game has received several re-releases since its debut and is currently accessible as part of the Nintendo Switch Online system’s game catalog.

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