The creators of Toram Online have confirmed a 2022 release for their new MMORPG Eternal Kingdom Battle Peak ⋆

I paid attention last month (Via MORPGBR) signed for a new game asobimo (creator Toram online and avabel online). A title that was christened as Eternal kingdom fight Peak, was described as a top-tier MMORPG with some big names on the development team. And now, it looks like the developers have decided to reveal some more information about the game, which is set to debut in 2022… Let’s take a look at the details shall we?

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Although they have yet to announce a release date for the exciting Eternal Kingdom Battle Peak, the Asobimo people seem to have started to “warm up” of sorts. That said, new details about the game have been released, and everything suggests that fans of the MMORPG will have good reason to keep a close eye on this release. For starters, the developers noted the attributes and working systems. In general, jobs can be combined with a large number of attributes, which should result in unique characters with very specific skill sets.

In addition, the developers noted dungeons, siege battles (which should place up to 200 players on the same battlefield), beautiful graphics, a luxurious world and a curious system that will allow a huge freedom to create a unique. Equipment. It should be noted that the project has the support of a Japanese artist Yoshitaka Amanowho became famous for designing franchise logos final fantasy. And that’s it! Here we have a promising MMORPG that should be released in 2022, in versions for PC and mobile devices. So, if the promises of the title caught your eye, it’s worth keeping an eye out for news related to this debut.

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